Wow am I seriously brainstorming a roleplay? I haven't participated in a roleplay on this site since 2012.

Anyway, for those of you who may or may not have been following our conversation on Frost's wall, we (Frost, Time and I,) have been discussing an idea for a tournament based roleplay, but with a bit of a twist so that it's not simply all about fighting. The general basis of this roleplay is this:

16 fighters come together for a competition of strength. The tournament seems to play out normally for those who manage to keep in the bracket, however the losers find themselves trapped elsewhere. Captured by a villain exploiting the tournament for his own means, he plans to absorb the power of all the fallen fighters to grant himself super strength, with the champion being his final target. Can they escape and stop his scheme before it's realized?The fighters moving up the ranks soon begin to notice that people are going missing. Can they solve this mystery before it's too late?

There are still plenty of things to work out before it's perfect, but here's the main question we need an answer to right now, as the story and villain kind of hang on it. We would like to decide whether or not this tournament should take place in a new original area, or the pre-existing arena The Blitz Pit?

If it were to be in its own place, the basic summary I gave would most likely be played straight. It'd be held in a slightly less than urban area, so to not attract TOO much attention. It'd be more than likely that the host of the tournament is either the main villain or just in cahoots with him. I can only imagine the place being somewhat sketchy in someway. The arena itself would be a shapeshifting battlefield, changing form every match to give variety. (i.e grassy plains, a snowy mountain, a rocky volcano, etc.)
Basically anything goes here. I feel this choice is better when it comes to the fights.

If it were to take place in The Blitz Pit, I feel it would be more of a "close to home" type of thing. We've already seen at least one tournament here before; and plenty of interleague matches to boot. It should be clear enough that this place is normally legit. At the same time, I feel it would be a bit more strict. Therefor, there would be some changes to the plot. For one, the host of the tournament can not be the villain or his accomplice. Our villain would have to be either a sponser, one of the fighters, or someone from outside trying to exploit the tournament. The arena would be the same as always: A large, basic square platform. Naturally, falling from it disqualifies you.
Instead of the losers being trapped immediately, they are put into a different room, set to fight again in the losers bracket. Eventually fighters start disappearing, and matches start getting forfeited. This brings the mystery to everyone's attention at the same time.
Story-wise, I personally think this is much better.

Either way, the idea is to have everyone enter with two characters: One character to stay in the tournament, one character to fall out with the losers. This way we have an even amount of people looking into this mystery on either side. Of course, as the tournament progresses, we'll have more losers than winners, but after the first round is when the mystery really kicks into gear.

We also have the option of making this a team-based tournament! We take those two characters you entered and mix them all up. We'll have randomly chosen teams between the users, so you guys gotta learn to work together! Of course, I'm going to mix the two sides separately, so that we don't have someone who wants to stay in the tournament paired with someone meant to fall out. If you ask me, I'm definitely game for a team tourney.

There are still some questions that need answering, and more suggestions we could use, but for now let's start with what we've got: Should we use a New Arena, or The Blitz Pit? Should we have Teams or Singles? Explain your reasons behind your answer, and share your ideas with us as well!

The majority vote goes out to the Blitz Pit, but we're still unsure about the type of battles.

Should the tournament be Singles or Teams?

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