Since I'm finding it very awkward and unorthodox to post updates in the article's talk page, I'm going to make a blog about it instead.

Here, I will talk about the latest things I've been working on for the fangame in production, "Splice The Hedgehog". I'll mainly be posting the updates in the comments, but if there's a really big update that needs to be shown, I'll put it up here for viewing. Hopefully this will work out better, I'm thinking it'll be a whole lot more organized now.

The last post I made in the talkpage was this:


There are a ton of things about the plot that I'm currently trying to fit into this game. I've already written out the story from start to finish, but there's so much I left out along with some new things I want to add. I've been looking up and down the document I saved of it, trying to figure out where to squeeze in the pieces of the story, but I haven't gotten much done at all. Now I think I know what has to be done about this. I'm gonna be spending some time re-writing the whole story layout. No, I'm not really changing anything; I just need to make a fresh new draft. This'll probably take a long while, so I most likely won't be getting much spriting done. (not that I've been getting too much done lately, anyway. >_> ) I'm hoping to be able to add in all that I had in mind.~Smash The Echidna~ 17:16, April 26, 2012 (UTC)


But hey, I get side-tracked easily. I might get some spriting done anyway.

Update: ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 18:00, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

I hadn't realized just how close I am to completing Smash. So for now, I'm putting up a checklist so to better keep track of the things I need to do for him.

Smash's Checklist

Smash paper

Field Checklist

Walking: Checkmark

Jumping: Not Started

Climbing: Not Started

Swimming: Not Started

Drowning: Not Started

Event Animations: Will be completed as the game progresses.

Field Skill: His field skill hasn't even been decided on.

In-Battle Checklist Checkmark

General Sprite Animations

Battle Stance: Checkmark

Right Hand Attack: Checkmark

Left Hand Attack: Checkmark

Defending: Checkmark

Skill Use: Checkmark

Item Use: Checkmark

Damaged: Checkmark

KO'd: Checkmark

Walking: Checkmark

Victory: Checkmark

Status Effects

Poisoned: Checkmark

Blind: Checkmark

Silenced: Checkmark

Sleep: Checkmark

Paralyzed: Checkmark

Berserk: Checkmark

Confused: Checkmark

Petrified: Checkmark

Critical: Checkmark

High Tension: Checkmark

Attacks and Skills Checkmark

Spin Punch: Checkmark

Super Uppercut: Checkmark

Endless Smash: Checkmark

Seven Stars: Checkmark

Pummel: Checkmark

Rending Charge: Checkmark

Swallow Dance: Checkmark

Dragon Swarm: Checkmark

Bone Crusher: Checkmark

Skull Cracker: Checkmark

Gather Power: Checkmark

Spirit Blast: Checkmark

Divine Fist: Checkmark

It may seem like I'm not nearly finished, however, when I complete certain sprites, it benefits just about the whole list. Meaning I can knock out several birds with one or two stones. (Spirit Blast and Skull Cracker (and current version of Seven Stars) are both definite examples.)

I'll be making checklists for everyone one at a time. My current focus is Smash, so he's up first.

Keep checking back here for more updates! I'll try to update periodically.

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