Welcome, one and all, to the SFW 2016 Winter Awards!

Start the Party - Mario Party 4 Music Extended

Start the Party - Mario Party 4 Music Extended

You heard that right: the 2016 Winter Awards. We're beginning the event early, to make sure that we kick off the new year with the awards ceremony! Once again, lemme give you a rundown on how this works.


The SFW Awards is a contest that opens up once every summer and winter. (Spring and Autumn used to be a thing, but we decided to drop them recently. (the latter never worked out anyway.)) There are multiple categories in which you can enter a character or other such page to compete in.

There are regularly three phases to the SFW Awards: The Nomination phase, the Voting phase, and the Tiebreaker Phase. In the Nomination Phase, users fill up the categories with characters and pages to compete for the top. In the Voting Phase, everyone throws in their votes for whoever they believe is worthy of a point, and against anyone they deem unfitting for the award. People can vote for or against multiple nominees at a time. In the Tiebreaker Phase, people vote to break any ties made in the Voting phase. Any nominee who makes it to the Tiebreaker Phase and loses is awarded a Runner-up prize instead.

Winners of the SFW Awards will be granted a Medal on the top of their pages.

Emerald Trophy2 Voted Winner of Winter 2016
Silver Trophy Voted Runner-up of Winter 2016

Nomination Rules

  1. Users are allowed to make three self-nominations per category.
  2. In the Autumn Awards, In order to submit more of their articles, users were required to nominate other people's pages. This is no longer valid: Three per category is the limit--No Exceptions.
  3. As always, we will post our nominations for each category in the comments. While nominating your own characters/pages are allowed, it's strongly encouraged that you nominate things made by others.
  4. Users have the right to deny their articles from being nominated by others.
  5. All nominations must have a page, and it must meet standards. Exceptions are made for nominations such as weapons, items, attacks/skills, which can be part of a list on a bigger page. I will NOT accept sub-standard pages. (If I happen to miss one up until the voting round, it will be disqualified once discovered.)
  6. No Canon Content Please! This is a Fanon Wiki, and such, we don't need to award any canon characters for their feats.
  7. Certain Categories are split in two. During the final round, both halves will be voted against each other. Only one will win them both, but the runner-up still gets a winning award for his/her respective half.
  8. Any winning article of a certain category cannot re-enter said category again. The only exceptions are Best Character (must have won Best Male/Female, but not the Best Character award to enter,) and those who have only won a runner-up in said category.
  9. A category MUST have a minimum of four nominations in order to pass into the Voting Phase. If it fails to meet these requirements, the category will be dropped and all the nominations inside will be disqualified.
  10. After all current nominations are tallies, All New Nominations MUST be posted in a new comment.' 'DO NOT REPLY TO OLD COMMENTS WITH UPDATES AND/OR ADDITIONAL NOMINATIONS.

Voting Rules

  1. When Voting begins, you can either give someone a +1 or -1 vote. (You cannot exceed 1.) You can do this for as many characters in any category (except in the Final Round), though voting a +1 for your own articles is forbidden. (Exceptions in the Final Round may or may not be given depending on circumstances.) You are allowed to vote a -1 for your own character/article, should you feel it is undeserving of said award, however. (It is advised that you notify me before voting begins if there is a problem with your article being nominated. (of course that's a moot point now))
  2. When voting, it is strongly advised that you either create a blog post listing all of your votes, or put all of your votes in a single comment. DO NOT make multiple comments for voting! This makes it unnecessarily confusing and complicated, and ultimately takes more time to tally up.
  3. Users are required to make at least one sentence describing the reasoning behind their vote, unless they are neutral. Comments may vary, but please do not simply put a +1 or -1 with nothing following it.
  4. Though it is impossible to really enforce such a rule, please try to judge each nomination based on quality, logic, experience (if possible), and relevance to the category. There have been suspicions of unfair judgements and concerns of overly biased votes. As the host, It is my responsibility to make sure this is as fair as possible. Thus, I will be moderating user votes. Do not worry, I won't be super strict. I cannot change people's opinions, however, should I find a vote that is most certainly injust, It may be voided from the final tally. Note that other users may do the same, and I may call a blog up for discussion for questionable judgement. But in the end, only I decide whether votes get voided or not.
  5. Users are allowed to skip up to 3 categories total. Any more than 3 will require reasoning with an Awards Admin first. Skipping too many will result in your entire votes to be voided. This also applies to nominations within the categories. Skipping nominations without specifically stating neutrality may result in the category being skipped, adding to your total number of skipped categories. The reason for this is that skipping so much creates an upset in the balance of the votes, and generally makes a lot of people unhappy. Why should we bother nominating so many people for all these categories if you're just going to skip them?
    If time constraints are a problem, you may be excused depending on how much you were able to vote for. Otherwise, your votes will be voided from the final tally.
  6. Users are Not Allowed to skip any tie-breakers in the Final Round. Do you all realize how many times we have had people overlook specific categories and have them nearly go overtime from neglect? Last winter was the most egregious example of this, with the bonus round that brought in categories from the final round. Let's not do that again.
    • From now on, The Final Round WILL NOT END unless ALL TIES ARE BROKEN.
  7. Do NOT berate a user should they vote against your nomination.
  8. Editing nominated articles in accordance with other people's votes (i.e: Example the Character is criticized for having super speed in one user's votes. Owner of Example promptly edits page to remove said super speed.) is prohibited. This is considered unfair and dishonest, as it is basically trying to sway the other voters into changing their opinions--and by extension, their votes--in your favor. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as correcting faulty information that may confuse others while judging. However, this situation must be brought up with an Awards Admin first, so to determine whether or not it is fair game.

With all that being said, let's get this started!

The Nomination Phase has Ended.

The Voting Phase has Ended.

The Tiebreaker Phase has ended.

The Results are in! Click here to see them!

Click Here for the Nominations List!

The Second Round - The Voting Phase

Best Hero

  • Sid the Hero - (Disqualified)

Best Neutral

Best Villain

Kindest Character

Meanest Character

Best Character

Best Male
Best Female

Best New Character

  • Sid the Hero - (Disqualified)

Best Leader

Best Sidekick

Best Mechanic

  • Mario "Mars" The Mink - (Disqualified)

Best Genius

  • Sid the Hero - (Disqualified)

Strongest Character

  • Sid the Hero - (Disqualified)

Best Attack/Skill

Best Super Form

Best Artificial Life Form

Mechanical Lifeform
Organic Lifeform

Best Speaker

"So. You think that you can get away with this? Because I happen to disagree. You've just made a mistake that you will never forget: You've driven me over the edge. I woke up only a month ago with no memories at all, and suddenly I'm dragged into this? My life has only been like a rollercoaster, only without the fun. I've been flung through this, unable to control what happens. But not anymore. This coaster is mine to steer, and it's off the rails. Do you hear me! You have done wrong, and this has been ONE. TOO. MANY. You've messed with a murderer. Yep! I admit it! Uisu? That's not my real name! I am Platinum The Echidna, convicted mass murderer! You haven't just messed with someone who has a point to make, you're messing with someone's last stand. Not just a powerful being, I am a force of nature! You are not just messing with someone who has lost! I am someone without ANYTHING. LEFT. TO. LOSE! So do what the sane person does. Run."
"Tiffany, it's all too simple for one not to know, yet too complex for one to think deeply about. Just because you think you can and you really want it to happen, doesn't mean that it will nor can it actually happen. Time has set it's course for most of us, and you have to be really lucky to travel along your own path instead of conforming to what the timeline has set for you."
" kingdom still does not respect me. It has been a year, and yet, they do not see me as their king. Ha! What foolish theatrics. If I must go out there myself and show them my might, then I shall."
"You know, I may be dead and all that jazz, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying what the material realm has to offer.. That also includes certain sins of the flesh."

Best Child

Best Character Design


Cutest Character

Best Item

Best Weapon

Best Location

  • Saari - (3 For / 0 Against)

Best Group

Best Fanfiction

Best Fan Project

Best Fan Series

Best Picture

The Final Round - The Tiebreaker Phase

Best Hero - Knockout vs Statyx

Best Neutral - Three Way Tie: Domino vs Checkers vs Quinn

Best Villain - Achreios vs Clockwork

Meanest Character - Annabelle vs Saul

Best Character - Statyx vs Elly

Best Male - Three Way Tie: Cryo vs Jacob vs Statyx (Winner: Statyx)
Best Female - Three Way Tie: Elly vs Valkyrie vs Iris (Winner: Elly)

Best Mechanic - Quinn vs Charles

Best Genius - FOUR WAY TIE: Starlight vs Quelle vs Sirus vs Felicia!

Best Super Form - True Void Ascendance vs Shining Christina

Best Artificial Life Form - Xavek vs Sirus

Mechanical Lifeform - Three Way Tie: Xavek vs Clock-Watch vs Sentinel (Winner: Xavek)
Organic Lifeform - Winner decided. On hold for next round.

Best Child - Sarah vs Piper

Best Character Design - Alexander vs Petunia

Male - Winner decided. On hold for next round.
Female - 3 Way Tie: Petunia vs Nikki vs Margaret (Winner: Petunia)

Cutest Character - Three Way Tie: Elly vs Naomi vs Juniper

Best Item - Crystallized Chaos vs Hi-Tech Goggles

Best Weapon - MR-32 Plasma Rifle vs Bloody Rebel

Best Fan Project - Three Way Tie: Sonic Untamed vs Nikki and the Seven Spirits vs Sonic Zero

Character of the Year

In this exciting category, we have the returning winners from the last two seasons in 2015: The Winter and Summer Awards. These former champions will go head to head in this round to see who is the Character of the Year! Since this is the Final Round, you may only vote for one character.

A better idea has been brought to my attention; rather than taking every winner from the previous awards, we will only have the winners of Best Character.

Hiero the Hawk (3 Points)

Blitz the Wolf (4 Point)


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