Spring 2014

The First Round

Best Female Character - 12 Nominations

Pearl wave"Hey there! I'm going first this time!"

Shelly the Hedgehog: While she has a nice picture and apparently got great reception on SNN, I noticed one major flaw in her story. Or rather, one unexplained plot hole. She was created by Dr. Eggman to match Sonic, but ended up being best friends with him? What happened in between? Shouldn't she have tried to beat him? What happened to following Eggman? Or did she defect from him from the start? This bothers me too much to give a +1, so I'm just going to hold my vote.
Also that infobox is hideous. Cyan, Yellow, and Red Text do NOT mix. something about those colors. ;~;
Kit the Cat (2008-2010): Her design's nice, but her story is very generic. Not sure why you nominated the older version of the character, because I don't think this is going to win. (A cat who's afraid of heights is interesting though.) -1
Bit the Toyger: Awww. +1
Nudge the Lopunny: Hmm...*shrugs*
Falalala-Stu the Echidna: Pretty neutral here.
Hourglass the Coyote: So far I'm liking this character. +1
Dani the Wolfdog: Awww--Wait, another handicap at birth? Hmm...+1
Sandy The Echidna: Slightly surprised to see Sandy here. I haven't been able to use her as much as I'd have liked, really.
Ziggy the Butterfly: Ziggy has seen some improvements since the first time I saw her. Although starting off as an artificial being that was to be another Ultimate Lifeform around 50 years ago still bothers me, the rest seems to make up for it. Also her personality suggests she's kinda tough and hot tempered, but you'd never guess that by looking at her absolutely adorable pictures. Always smile for the camera! +1
Keela Tyris The Hedgehog: I still haven't used Keela enough. Actually I kinda wish I had room for her in SpTH, as she'd be one of the more unique characters.
Pearl The Echidna:
Pearl Thinking "Hmm...I'm not really sure what to say here. I'm just going to hope for the best, I guess."
Jessie Garnet The Fox: Speaking of underuse, Jessie could use some light too. I don't have much else to say about her.

Good Ratings2

Total Category Vote Count: 4 for / 1 Against

This is starting off promising enough!

Best Male Character - 12 Nominations

Smash armfold4 "Heh, looks like we're even this time."

Freeze A. Aerion: Hmm...Okay. +1
Ember the Leopard: I really have nothing to say about him.
Blitz the Wolf: Hm, not bad. Though perhaps he may have too many interactions with the canon characters, but that's just me. +1
" Kenas " Dracius Cross: I kinda skimmed over some of this stuff because it's a lot to read through on so little time, but he looks fine to me. +1
Simply "Ark": Hm...I'm just gonna hold my vote.
Vexx the Timewalker: Yes. +1
Itami the Paranoid: Whoops! Had to go back and add this guy back. Anyway, I like this character. I have never seen a wasp that wasn't evil before. +1
Krinkinko the Hedgehog: R.I.P.
Alistair "Blackjack" the Husky: He's quite the character, I see. +1
Dimitri Prinus the Echidna: Don't even have to open his page. +1
Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog: Kyle is like, the hero of limelight. I need to get his stories off the ground.
Gizmo The Cat:
Gizmo =o "Oh. Hi."
Thunder The Hedgehog: I actually came up with a pretty nice idea for how to make him and his brothers a bit more unique from each other, but it took me way too long to get around to making it official. I really need to expand on these guys more, starting with you.

Good Ratings2

Total Category Vote Count: 6 for / 0 Against

Man, this is looking great so far!

Best Hero - 5 Nominations

Splice paper silent "...uhh...that's...that's it?"

Blitz the Wolf: Hmm...I'm just gonna hold off here.
" Kenas " Dracius Cross: Same here.
Simply "Ark": Here too; totally neutral on this guy.
Cryo The Wolf: Hmmm...I'm kinda on the fence with this guy too, buuut I'll give him a +1.
Tyren the Pangolin: Probably the most heroic person here so far. Also I first read that as Penguin instead of Pangolin, and was utterly confused. +1

Okay Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 2 for / 0 Against

That was kinda empty. We still got some positive votes in though.

Best Neutral Character - 5 Nominations

Violet Confused "Suddenly there's a lack of contestants..."

Samuel the Coward: Yeah, I think so. +1
Jared the Unknown: My opinion on him is unknown.
Tharros Polemistis: Like I said last time, definitely neutral. +1
Saul The Bobcat: I don't think I agree with this. He's constantly in wars, meaning he's partaking in one of two sides, and he has a category that lists him as an anti-hero. If anything, this guy is an anti-villain. -1
Ziggy the Butterfly: I dunno...she put a peaceful end to a giant feud, and as such appears to be looked up to as a hero, I think? I dunno, I'm not getting a neutral vibe from her. -1

No Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 2 for / 2 Against

Hmm..maybe we spoke too soon when we said things were looking promising...

Best Anti-Hero Character - 3 Nominations

Gizmo Paper "Yeah, it looks like we've fallen down to the bare minimum now."

Hiero the Hawk: Oh, I already know. +1
Fotiagos Imperium: Hello Anti-Splice. +1
Raptyre the Wolf: Oh hey, I see my comment from the last awards moved her to the right category. ("Born to a clan of evil, plans to use their vicious training against them to destroy said clan. With all that said, she seems more like a secret Anti-Hero to me. ") +1

Okay Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 3 for / 0 Against

Good thing the only three in here were all good!

Best Anti-Villain Character - 3 Nominations

Smash paper-3 "Anyone else noticing a pattern here? 12 12, 5 5, 3 3? If those 5's were 6's, now that'd be a rather interesting coincidence."

Metal The Rogue: I don't quite remember some of the things I'm seeing now, so I'm guessing Metal's been through even more development over the months. Still, +1
Dusk-kalos the Universal: Hmm...He seems pretty antagonistic, but the fact that he has standards and is loyal to his friends does help his anti-villain status. +1
Static Nega: Seems anti-villainous to me. (...Wait, haven't I said this before...?) +1

Okay Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 3 for / 0 Against

And now we got the same score, too? This is getting weird...

Best Villain Character - 9 Nominations

Pearl Paper 1 "Should I be concerned by the fact that there are nearly twice as many villains as there are heroes?"

Perish the Skeleton: Normally I'd be neutral here, but when I read that history, is he like, the son of Skull man and B-Bright man? Wh-...I don't even...-1
Krieg the Hollow Blitz: Yeah this guy deserves a mention. +1
Damien the Raikou: Not sure what to say here.
Razor The Tiger: No seriously, what are you doing here. I'm not even sure if you count as a villain. You're an antagonist at most, but not an actual villain. -1
Percy the Dream Eater: Umm...If he's getting a character revamp, I don't think we should be allowed to judge right now.
Mephisto the "god": Kinda confusing to switch to his perspective in the middle of describing the character. That and the top of the page is messy. Other than that, I've got nothing to say.
Lagobot: I feel that I'm missing something very important while reading through his page. I can't give a vote.
Avarice The Hedgehog: I had many updates planned for him, but I just couldn't find the time or motivation to post them. That paired with a project I've been working on for the past couple months and my main computer under maintenance for about a week after crashing all over the place for the majority of April, I really just never got around to it. I only put up about half of what I should have if only because voting had already begun.
Still, he's probably one of my favorite villains. The main reason I didn't put all that info there in the first place was because SPOILERS.
Darkyle The Hedgehog: The only thing missing is a proper profile pic. I've asked no less than three people for pictures of him, but got nothing back. .__.;

Poor Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 1 for / 2 Against

It starts.

Strongest Character - 10 Nominations

Splice paper amused "Combo breaker!"

Blitz the Wolf: Sure, let's give him a +1.
" Kenas " Dracius Cross: Mm...I suppose. +1
Simply "Ark": Powerful yes, but I still don't really know how I feel about him as implied above.
Valencia the Vampire Werefox: Yeah I remember how strong you are. +1
Metal The Rogue: Just have to remember that this isn't the same Metal who got his butt kicked by Smash 3 times, put in his place by Splice 2 times, and whipped to unconsciousness by Pearl once. If it was the same guy, I'd just laugh him off. He seems pretty dangerous now, but I'mma hold my vote.
Vexx the Timewalker: This guy feels like he's on another level entirely, though I can see how much you tried to balance him. +1
Jared the Defiler: So, we have a morally ambigious mage here. Hmm...+1
Whirlwind the Hedgehog: Meeehhh, too many powers for me. -1
Bronsin the Minotaur: He was already powerful enough, but that mutation thing--Gosh. He kinda reminds me of Razor, actually...+1
Tharros Polemistis: Don't need to read this, I already know you. +1

Good Ratings2

Total Category Vote Count: 7 for / 1 Against

Or not! Man, it's rare that we get so many good votes in THIS category!

Most Handsome Male - 8 Nominations

Violet Paper 2 "Okay Splice, I'm judging the handsome guys now. Are you happy?"

Rico the cat: I'm sorry but, the only thing that even looks properly proportionate is the dollmaker pic, and I don't vote for Dollmaker stuff. That and cats don't have quills. Where's his tail? Where are his ears? -1
Blitz the Wolf: Sure okay. +1
" Kenas " Dracius Cross: Neutral.
Simply "Ark": comment.
Metal The Rogue: I liked his old design better.
Smash The Echidna
Smash eyes closed "...I'mma just roll with it."
Alistair "Blackjack" the Husky: There's just something about the way this guy looks that totally fits his character. +1
David The Echidna: ...Heh.

No Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 2 for / 1 Against

I think that was the most mediocre handsome male category we've ever had.

Most Beautiful Female - 17 Nominations

Gizmo paper embarrassed "Uhh...D-do I have to...? I-I'm not good at--I mean, is awkward for me."

Zircon the Cat: Mm...Sure okay. +1
Aileen the Jellyfish: I never would have thought of Jellyfish being cute. She kinda changes that. +1
Valencia the Vampire Werefox: A veteran in this catagory. +1
Ziggy the Butterfly: No seriously, she is absolutely adorable. She actually kinda reminds me of Cymbeline, Splice's girlfriend. +1
Normla the Sugar Glider: She's okay I suppose. She could use to dress a bit more modestly, though. :V
Friday the Wolf: Incidentally I found myself almost voting her up because of her quirky family theme naming. Regardless, I like her design. +1
Regina the Hedgemouse: Not bad, but no vote from me.
Lumiere the Firefly: Pretty unique in general. +1
Pearl The Echidna
Pearl Sprite4 "I actually just kinda entered for filler, but considering how many people are here, I don't think it was even necessary!"
Sarah The Echidna Unfortunately I can't vote here. Otherwise it'd be a definite plus.
Clara The Hedgehog I've gotten a few complaints about her design, but I think she looks fine. Plain outfit, but still fine regardless. Her quills should hang down more, though.
Amber The Cat: I was just kinda grasping for nominations here.
Melody The Echidna: Like so. Although it's not like this category really needed any more people. :V
Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog: That one picture stands out amongst the others. You know the one. I think she's probably earned this vote because of it. +1
Emma Calero: Ehhhh...
Lucinda the Angelfox: She's alright, too. +1
Raine the Dragon Hybrid: So we finally get to see what she looks like. I have to say, her design's pretty good. +1

Good Ratings2

Total Category Vote Count: 9 for / 0 Against

As usual this category is the biggest one we've got. I'm glad we didn't have to vote anyone down this time!

Best Joke Character - 3 Nominations

Smash paper-3 "Whelp."

Original the Character: Normally I'd just groan and leave at the name alone, but this is actually pretty good. +1
Barry The Badbleep: I remember this guy. It was pretty amusing. +1
Corn Dog the Hedgehog: oh my gosh. +1

Good Ratings2

Total Category Vote Count: 3 for / 0 Against

I'm shocked. I can't believe I actually voted for everything in the Joke category.

Best Super Form - 3 Nominations

Pearl Paper 2 "Y'know, I'm beginning to wonder if people even still care about this category anymore. It might end up getting dropped next season."

" Kenas " Dracius Cross/Doombringer Form: comment.
Nightmare: Pretty edgy, but I'm holding my vote again.
War: Why are all these forms so dark and edgy?

No Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 0 for / 0 Against

Yeah. Just might.

Best Crossover Character - 4 Nominations

Splice paper2 "Hm. Hey, there's a face I haven't seen in a while. Let's talk to him, shall we?"

Frost Interview3
Erica Sakura: This is where you belong. +1
Louis Robinson: Umm...=/
Emma thanks. -1

Okay Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 1 for / 1 Against

1 for, 1 against, 1 neutral, and 1 of ours. Hey, not bad.

Best Quote - 7 Nominations

Violet Paper 2 "What's the word on the street?"

"Perspective changes when something you idolize tries to kill you." - Solomon The Bobcat

  • Sounds about right. +1

"The mind is such a beautiful vessel, but what lies inside is so horrendous. Is there no mind with contents as beautiful as the container?" - Dawn The Ocelot

  • This is why people shouldn't read the minds of others.

"People ask me 'Why wage war?' Well, I'll tell ya. I'm searching for Hell. Because when I find it, I'll gut the devil and sit on the throne of the damned. Then and only then will my thirst of blood be quenched: by swimming in the lake of fire." - Saul The Bobcat

  • Eeeedgy.

"A good mother would kill for their children. A great mother would kill someone who harmed a hair on their children. So I guess I'm a fantastic mother, as there is nothing left of the man who slaughtered my own children." - Brooklyn the Bear

  • Not fully certain I agree with this.

"Just because I am different from others does not mean I can't attempt to be friends with them and know them better. Just because I am younger doesn't stop me from trying to help someone in need. I was never the strongest... but that fact was never a reason for me to give up on anything!!" - Maxwell the Fox

  • A bit on the generic side. =.

"Before we head straight to the battlefield, I request a moment for us to reflect upon our lives as fellow members of this fine monarchy. We grew stronger and richer each day by cooperating and forming alliances with other kingdoms... it is also a formidable accomplishment that we still firmly stand against the overwhelming forces of evil today. Most outsiders claim we are powerful and mighty--yet I don't still understand those concepts. What is true strength? What does real power really mean, after all?" - Luther Paleteus the Cat

  • I'm neutral here too.

"THEY saved my life! THEY helped me out when I was succumbing to corruption! THEY built the Dark Portal and let us get into the Dark Dimension - we would've failed a BILLION times over, if it weren't for THEM!" - Blitz the Wolf

  • Whoa okay dude chill out.

No Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 1 for / 0 Against


Best Background Story/History - 4 Nominations

Gizmo Paper "To be perfectly honest, I don't feel like reading through these right now."

Frederick the Rabbit: A vote? I ain't givin' you nuttin'. >:c -1

Percy the Dream Eater: If you're redoing his page, I don't feel I should vote. Still, holy crap this reminds me of an anime I recently watched...

Brooklyn the Bear: I already gave my two cents on this on her talk page. +1

Alistair "Blackjack" the Husky: okay this is way too long for me to go over. Sorry, but this is the one I'm skipping. I really, REALLY need to get these votes done so I can move on to other things.

No Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 1 for / 0 Against


Best Group - 4 Nominations

Smash paper-1 "Still a minimal amount of nominations...We're almost at the end, though."

Anti Mobian Army: Sorry but, this really didn't interest me.

Hammerforge Industries: Hmm...*shrugs*

Braxxians: Meh...nah. Wait a minute, Why the heck do they have a Yachichi as their symbol?

O'Clock Family: I don't want to stay neutral on all of them, so here's a +1.

No Ratings

Total Category Vote Count: 1 for / 0 Against


Best Location - 5 Nominations

Pearl Paper 3 "This looks a bit more promising."

Saari: That was an interesting read. +1

Lantern Dust Desert: Not as lengthy as Saari, but this place is also interesting to me. +1

Glacier Plains: Hmm. I'm gonna stay neutral here.

Matai-Mobi: Well this is incredibly detailed, and it's got several pictures to boot! +1

The Dark Dimension: Not a fan of the history, but the place in general is interesting. Holding my vote though.

The Gaia Grid: Um...hmm...Not sure what to say here. Feel like I'm missing something.

Good Ratings2

Total Category Vote Count: 3 for / 0 Against

And indeed it was!

Best Picture

Splice paper amused "Hey you know what, you're all cool. I'mma just give a +1 for all of ya."

Gizmo Talk "Actually part of the reason behind that is because the gallery holding all the nominations didn't want us to add captions for whatever reason, but they're all good anyway so I guess it doesn't matter much."

The Final Round

Smash side

"Alright everyone, it's time to begin the final round! Let's take a look at our winners and tiebreakers!

Best Character - Tie Breaker between Pearl and Dimitri Prinus

Pearl Thinking "Oh my. I didn't expect to get this far..."

Smash armfold4 "Do your best, Pearl. We're rooting for you."

Best Hero - Winner: Tyren the Pangolin

Splice paper2 "Well it looks like that Tyren guy won."

Best Neutral Character - Winner: Samuel the Coward

Violet Paper 2 "I like how the first and last place scores are mirrored. Anyway, Samuel wins this time."

Best Anti-Hero Character - Winner: Hiero the Hawk

Gizmo =o "I was fully expecting Hiero to win, but this was a very close competition. It could've been a three-way tie!"

Best Anti-Villain Character - Winner: Metal the Rogue

Smash Shrug "Whelp."

Best Villain Character - Winner: Krieg the Hollow Blitz

Pearl Sprite4 "Well..Congrats, I guess!"

Strongest Character - Tie Breaker between Tharros Polemistis, Jared, and Kenas

Splice paper amused "I'm going with Tharros. Sure'd hate to tussle with that dude!"

Most Handsome Male - Winner: Blitz the Wolf

Violet Paper 3 "Congratulations! You look great!"

Most Beautiful Female - Tie Breaker between Friday, Valencia, and Ziggy

Gizmo paper embarrassed "Uhhmmm...uhhh...weeelll...err..."
Splice sweat2 "Since Gizmo's being indecisive, I'll vote for him."
"It's a tough call; they're both pretty cute. This might seem biased, though, but I'm going to say Ziggy. There's just something about her that reminds me of Cy. I don't know what it is; her hair, her smile, her eyes, her wings maybe? Whatever it is, I find it kinda charming. So there goes my vote."

Best Joke Character - Winner: Corndog the Hedgehog

Smash paper-3 "So the score just went 5, 6, 7. Okay."

Best Super Form - Tie Breaker between...all three of them with a score of 0 points

Pearl Paper 2 "..."

Best Crossover Character - Winner: Erica Sakura

Splice Paper awkward "B'awww, Frost didn't win. Oh well, Congrats to Erica. She kinda needed a victory SOMEWHERE after that ludicrous losing streak."

Best Quote - Tie Breaker between Dawn and Maxwell's Quotes

Violet Paper 2 "Honestly, Dawn's is a bit more unique, so I'm going with that one.

  • "The mind is such a beautiful vessel, but what lies inside is so horrendous. Is there no mind with contents as beautiful as the container?" - Dawn The Ocelot

Best Background Story/History - Winner: Alistair "Blackjack" the Husky

Gizmo Paper "According to this poll, Frederick has a Negative 15% Approval Rating.

Violet Confused "Ouch."

Best Group - Winner: Hammerforge Industries

Smash paper-1 "...don't got much to say here."

Best Location - Matai-Mobi

Pearl Paper 3 "I wonder how the people living here are reacting to winning this award."

Best Picture - Winner: Ziggy's freaking adorable close-up asdfrhgnrl

Splice paper amused "No seriously, how can you not smile when you look at this? I mean just look at it!"


And that's it for the 2014 Spring Awards!

See you all next season!

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