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Is it just me, or has nobody here thought to try and start up a roleplay based off of Sonic Forces? You'd think given all the hype behind it people would be coming up with all kinds of stuff, but so far I've barely seen anyone on the wiki so much as mention the game since its release, and search results have been coming up short.

Not that I BLAME them however, seeing how disappointing the game turned out to be. But the game had a fairly good premise: Eggman finally wins and seizes control over the world; Sonic was defeated and has been missing for six months. That in itself is a good start for what could have been a good story. I can't be the only one who thinks that just working from there would make a good roleplay. But it doesn't seem like anyone's stepping up to the plate.

I have a lot of complaints about the story and game (though mind you, I didn't play it myself--my friend streamed it for me and 100%'d the game. The absolute madman.) But as far as roleplay material goes, this is a pretty golden opportunity if you ask me. And I'd like to hear what you all think about it.

EDIT 1: Well I can't say I didn't fully expect this to snowball into its own thing. Y'all already went and made the page before I even finished going over the plot! Well since we've come this far, might as well press onward.

Exhibit A - The Resistance


The Resistance is a small group of characters we all know and love that still stand to oppose the Eggman Empire's domination of the world. However, There is a six month time gap between Sonic's defeat and capture, and the founding of the Resistance/The Resistance realizing that yeah, they need to fight without Sonic. Six whole months have gone unaccounted for.

Roleplay Changes

It'd be more likely that the Resistance would have officially come together after at most, one month. As a matter of fact, Eggman really shouldn't have conquered the world if he had only simply defeated Sonic. Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Even Amy or Team Chaotix would have been able to throw one or two wrenches in his plans. So what I'm thinking is that it'd make more sense if several more heroes were captured or scattered, over the course of these six months; thus making the battle lean more in Eggman's favor and leading the world to wind up the way it did.

As for the Resistance, I'm thinking that if they had gotten scattered, they might build up multiple factions of resistances across the world. This would give people an opportunity to start off in different locations before inevitably meeting up further into the story.

Exhibit B - The Deal with Infinite and the Phantom Ruby.


Infinite is...something, alright. Ignoring his memetic meltdown against shadow, why did Eggman hire a team of mercenaries? What did he build Infinite's mask for, and what does it do exactly? It wasn't very clear at all. Before I go any further, I think it would be best that I just link these two pages for info, because going by what the game tells you is not nearly enough to understand anything about them. With that said, I'll get back to you on this subject.

Roleplay Changes

So Infinite and the Phantom Ruby are the main reasons why Sonic lost, right? It'd make sense that the other heroes would be quickly put down as well once they encountered him. Part of the goal here would be to figure out what the deal with him and the ruby are.

Exhibit C - Split Resistances

This is the more interesting part. Not everyone will start in the same area. I imagine that there would be about four different locations where people have started banding together. Two of them off the top of my head would be the Mystic Ruins (the original Resistance base) and somewhere on South Island. This is the main subject I'd like to discuss: Where would the other two locations be, and who all would be there? Where would YOUR characters be at this time?


Starting from the beginning, Eggman's conquest begins after he joins forces with Infinite. He uses the power of the Phantom Ruby to spread his army across the world all at once. While some areas have people who begin to fight back, morale is ultimately shot down when word of Sonic's defeat spreads across the world.

Some people refuse to give up the fight, and a small number of Resistances are formed in different areas: The Mystic Ruin, Sunset Heights, and (a third, undecided area. For the sake of pushing things along, I'll suggest Spagonia.) One month after Sonic's defeat, the three teams have become aware of each other and begin to support each other from afar. In the few meetings they have had with each other, they discussed what they knew and what they should do to counter Eggman's assault on the world. One of these important subjects was the appearance of a new enemy, Infinite, as well as several older ones. These foes were responsible for taking down Sonic. They needed to come up with a strategy to defeat them.

Over the next 5 months, the Resistance tried--and failed--to stop Eggman's ambitions. The Death Egg had launched, the Spagonia base had been devastated and the rebellion stationed there have been split in two. But not all was lost. They were slowly beginning to unravel the mystery behind Infinite's power. Infinite, who had successfully defeated and captured anyone who opposed him, would spare the cowards who flee in terror. This gave the perfect opportunity for rebel spies to analyze him, and some have returned with interesting results...but unfortunately not enough to form a strategy to defeat him.

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