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  • Skyblade743

    Yes, I'm rebooting this yet again. The good thing is I'm going to make this my perminant Ask my Characters blog that I will reboot every so often. So, here's everyone you can ask:

    (And Vendeta Blue)

    Remember, characters are able to reject their question if they want to, and spoilery stuff will have spoiler warnings. Enjoy!

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  • Skyblade743

    So, I’m kinda back. Sorta. Maybe?

    Irl, I’ve still got a while to go before I’m happy with myself. We had exams at school recently and I did passable in all of them except Maths, which was miles below average. I still feel like I’m a pessimistic mess, but I’m a more upbeat pessimistic mess than I was, so that’s good.

    The reason I say I’m kinda back is because I’m going to upload chapters of The Flames of Hope weekly (edit: I’m upping this to twice a week). The amount of chapters I’ve got is quadruple what’s here (Crim can testify) and it’s lagging the doc. So, I’m going to upload those. The “weekly” thing is to prompt me to write more: I did it for another story years ago and it worked. I’m writing more shit than I was, which is good.

    Also, I t…

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  • Skyblade743

    I wish this hadn’t come so early.

    Being on the Wiki has had its ups and downs. I’ve met some good friends and improved my writing massively. However, as far as I’m concerned that’s where the good things end and I only have myself to blame for that.

    I am permanently on my iPad and phone on social media sites and YouTube to the point where I have suffered as a person, and this is the epicentre of that. I’ve become more withdrawn irl and more uncaring and venomous here. I’m falling behind in my studies and probably suffer from depression, yet I’m not doing anything to solve that. I put my wellbeing behind things that don’t really matter in the long run.

    My will will not be in effect: I will copy everything to Wiki’s place so it’s not effected by…

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  • Skyblade743

    So, with Team Sonic Racing coming out, I put out the idea for a racing RP. After chatting with some people in the DoD Discord it became quickly apparent that we didn't have much of an idea how it would work. The first idea was to create a map at the bottom of the page of the racecourse and everyone would update it on their turns, but if it was ascii it would be messed up on mobile and if it was a physical image it would be to odius to update. Any ideas for how one would work?

    Also, I may set up a Discord for this if enough people are interested.

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  • Skyblade743


    January 1, 2019 by Skyblade743

    Oh, what the hell, everyone else is doing them. Might as well do them from the new year.

    And that is all. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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