Shousenka Shousenka 10 December 2012

A notice to admins

No this isn't a blog telling you that you guys suck or anything of the sort.

With Guy's new ban in place for what is, I assume, forever, he has given me permission to take over the articles he has reposted, seeing as it falls under our joint "Gaisenka Universe". So, I ask of you, please refrain from deleting his articles. Thank you.

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Shousenka Shousenka 27 October 2012

What is with people using "@$$"?

Seriously, this whole concept of using "@$$" to censor "ass" blows my ****ing mind. And not in the good way either.

Okay, first of all, if you're gonna censor then do it properly. It's as though people who use @$$ as a censor makes them look funny or smart. It doesn't. It makes you look like a 12 year old.

On the subject of censoring I think it should be an offense to anyone who doesn't censor the whole damn word, properly, with asterisks. I feel ashamed to be part of a community who thinks censoring the F word with "F*ck" is acceptable. Anyone with half a brain and ADHD can hazard a good guess as to what that word is.

So bottom line, censor a curse word properly or don't curse at all. I get sick and tired of seeing people miss out one letter…

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Shousenka Shousenka 18 August 2012

Guys I need an opinion

I wanted to ask, what theme should I give to Sophia?

  • Taverns - "Stonefire" [1]
  • Taverns - "Shady Rest" [2]
  • Taverns - "Temple of the Moon" [3]
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Shousenka Shousenka 8 August 2012

Whiners about Standards Marking

So Gamedezyner has made aware to me that some people were not fond of me marking pages; some believe that some of my markings were unjust or people think I've not read their article fully. Especially in terms of construction standards.

Now let me say this now; construction standards is no longer an immunity status; it has minimum requirements and a limit to three weeks. Let me outline these minimum standards;

  • Needs an infobox with or without info
  • Needs at least three headings with or without info
  • needs at least three categories that isn't "Unfinished Pages" or "Stale Construction Pages" etc; they need actual categories.

Every article I've marked that has a construction page either has expired the three week immunity, or has not met one of those…

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Shousenka Shousenka 14 June 2012

Need some opinions.

Oh, hey, I made a blog!

But anyway, I wanted to ask all of you for opinions on one of my articles here;

Feel free you leave comments and suggestions either here or on the article's talk page. Thanks.

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