I have some things I'm doing and don't have much time to play on site. I am letting Lightning use Alastor and Fenrir for a while.

Name: Alastor Godfrey.
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Alastor with Fenrir

Theme song: Blood Sugar by Pendulum.

Character Description: Vampire Hedgehog. Black hedgehog with fangs, white-tipped hair spikes, red eyes, and gray/red armor. Carry's the Bone Axe, Bryntroll, The Bone Arbiter.(See Wowpedia for picture). DOES. NOT. SPARKLE.

Pet: Fenrir, a wolf made of shadow energy and children's souls. Fenrir can disappear and re-appear at will, and his only ability is a shadow bite. He is more as a companion then combat pet. Named after Fenrir, a wolf in Norse Lore. Can Read of him on Wikipedia ~ The more you know ~

Age: Ageless. Has the look of a 15-year-old.


Can turn into a bat and back at will.(The Bat from Rosario + Vampire) Vampire!!

Black Arrow, A Damage-over-time arrow of shadow.

Dark Simulacrum, Copies the enemy's ability and launches the exact ability back at them with 3/4 force.

Bone Storm, Unleashes Bryntroll's full force in a whirlwind of shadow and bone. Dizzy for a short time(20 seconds or so)."BONE STORM!!!"

Death Grip, Immobilizes the target until cancelled or until the target is attacked.

Vanish, Causes me to be invisible and un-attackable, but unable to attack. See-able by friends. Can be used at any point.

Summon Shadow Creature, Summons one of three minions: A Voidwalker(See Wowpedia for more), a creature of nightmare and shadow that will serve as a second set of eyes and ears for me, and is adequate in combat, A Felguard(Wowpedia again), a strong and powerful demon that mimics my ability Bone Storm(Felstorm) and can intercept an attack by an enemy to an ally, which will kill the Felguard but save the ally, or A Shadowy Apparation, a shadow clone of me with the same abilities, but for half the power.

Aiding spells: These do no damage and are used for aiding in travel and non-combat situations.

Can ressurrect himself because his heart is not in his body.

Path of Shadow, Uses the shadows at our feet or around us as a path over water and other hazards.

Summon Midnight, Summons Midnight, my flaming horse with pitch black armor, who is only for quick transportation.

Summon Spawn of Midnight(Only if friends nearby), Sparks fly off Midnight, which grow instantly into mini-Midnights, which allies can ride.

Most of these are from World of Warcraft. If you want to see the original spells, Go to Wowpedia and search each.

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