This is basically info and rules about creating characters for The Elemental Clans, and rules for using charas that I already created.



1.) The character will use ONLY the element that represents their clan. I.E if you make a LightClan Chara, the only Element they can use is Light (it doesn't matter if they are a Mancer or a Kinetic, though). Their other type of attacks with be elementless, like Body Slam. Chaos Abilities have not yet been considered, but so far, it's a no (since most people like to use a crapload of powerful Chaos attacks >.>). Also, no Attribute-usage (I.E Space, Aura, etc.), and no usage of Phazon, Soul or Psychic abilities.

2.) Species you cannot use;

  • Humans/Overlanders
  • Non-Mobian mythical creatures (like dragons; an example of a Mobian dragon is Soratatsu. An example of a NON-Mobian dragon is Tiamat.)

3.) The character CANNOT surpass the rank of either the leader or the second-in-command.

4.) The character cannot be stronger than the leader or second-in-command. And by stronger, I mean stronger in EVERY way.

5.) You CAN make your own classes/ranks. For example, Vampire93 came up with the Battle Mage and Scientist/Researcher classes, while Johnny came up with the Tactician class. I created the Alchemist class, and the Blacksmith class.

6.) Yes, romantic relationships between members of different clans IS allowed This rule is currently being looked at.

7.) No deities/gods/titans/etc. This coincides with Rule #4. Mobians that aren't regular animals (I.E dragons, phoenixes, yokai, etc.) may naturally be a bit stronger than a regular Mobian, but that does not give you permission to make them overpowered.

8.) The character you make CANNOT be related to a canonical character. They also cannot be related to one of my existing Clan characters without my permission.

9.) Concerning weapons, nothing more advanced than a crossbow, please (that means no guns). Custom weapons are definitely allowed, but, like I said, nothing as advanced as a gun (even if it's from the 18th century). Magical weapons are allowed as well, so long as they aren't overpowered, and fit the Element of their wielder (I.E you can't make a Fire Clan member that wields an Ice weapon).

10.) If you have any creative and/or interesting reasons for having a character join one of the Clans, please let me know!

Other Stuff

  • Say you make a character for the Fire Clan; they do NOT have to have red or orange-colored fur (red and orange typically denote Fire-alignment; yellow denotes Electric-alignment). They can have any color fur you want them to.
  • You may notice that on any of the Clan articles, there is a section titled 'Names For You'. You do NOT have to use any of these names if you want to create a character; they're just there in case you need ideas for names.
  • If your character doesn't quite meet the standards to be an actual member, but I like your proposal enough, they could become an Honorary Member. They wouldn't live at the village, but would be considered a friend and ally of the clan you picked.

What Each "Class" Means

Think of this as sort of a "What would each Clan role be classed as in RPG terms". Traders, Scientists and Civilians do not appear here since they're generally not combat-capable.

  • Soldier - Warrior. Typically well-rounded in terms of offensive ability, they have respectable physical strength and decent agility, as well as a moderate connection to the Chaos Force. They tend to not be tanky, however, but durability can vary between each soldier.
  • Knight - Tank. They have high damage and defense, but low mobility. They have a weak connection to the Chaos Force and tend to be melee-exclusive, but some may use polearms for a bit of extra reach.
  • Battle Mage/Magess - Squishy wizard/sorcerer. Mediocre physical strength and durability, with fairly high agility and a strong connection to the Chaos Force. They primarily excel in burst damage rather than sustained damage.
  • Summoner - Summoner. Like battle mages, they tend to be fast yet frail, with mediocre physical strength. While their connection to the Chaos Force is a bit weaker than that of a battle mage, the Summoner's niche lies in the form of their Summon, who fights alongside them. They don't really deal the burst damage of a battle mage, but are better with prolonged fights.
  • Tactician - Can hold similarities to other classes in combat style, but emphasizes combos, either with allies or their own techniques. They tend to be quite fast yet somewhat frail, with less raw power than a soldier, hence the reliance on combos. They have a mediocre connection to the Chaos Force as well. Given their name, they also tend to be highly tactical, and it is not uncommon for them to observe the field of battle and use the knowledge to their favor.
  • Assassin - Thief. Stealth-based, surprisingly high strength with poor durability. They emphasize naturally high speed and swift, precise attacks to eliminate targets as fast as possible. Their natural inclination towards stealth makes them excellent at ambushes.
  • Scout - Ranger. Fast, decently stealthy, but frail. They carry less overall power then an assassin, but their respectable agility allows them to utilize hit-and-run tactics quite well to whittle down foes; many of them carry ranged weapons such as bows and throwing knives to further emphasize this. Highly observant, they often scout out the area for their allies and feed information to them.
  • Medic - Cleric/Healer. Average physical strength and durability, but decently fast, and with a moderate connection to the Chaos Force. They have one of the most utility-based fighting styles, using their abilities to buff and heal their allies, and using ranged attacks to try and wear down foes from afar. Some particularly well-trained medics have the power to debuff opponents to a degree with their powers.
  • Alchemist - A hybrid saboteur and medic, mixing healing and party buffs with debuffs for hostiles. Like medics, they tend to be fast and frail, but have a somewhat weaker connection to the Chaos Force. It is not unusual for Alchemists to carry lightweight weapons with them for protection.
  • Blacksmith - Wall. They are basically a knight that trades away outright offensive power for more defense. While they still have incredible physical strength, they are more likely to absorb damage for their squishier allies and act as a highly durable distraction than to charge headfirst into the battlefield and wreak havoc like a knight. Like knights, they are slow, and have a mediocre connection to the Chaos Force.
  • Priest/Priestess - The more religious format of cleric, trades away some of the healing potential of the medic for buffs and combat potential. Like battle mages, they have a strong connection to the Chaos Force, but are more utility-based, and their damage is more focused around wearing down opponents than outright bursting them; they also have the ability to empower their own Element, and weaken others, and can also empower allies to a degree.
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