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Reens the Hedgehog Reens the Hedgehog 29 July 2017

New FanFiction Idea

Okay, so I was thinking the other day about a new fanfiction. It would detail Reens' L.A.R.P. persona/ancestor's journey to knigthood. Or maybe Reens' journey to knighthood, returning to it after so long away. I just don't know which to do, or if I should do either. Please give me suggestions for both, either, or if I should do neither. They're realy appreciated.


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Reens the Hedgehog Reens the Hedgehog 4 July 2017

SFW Summer 2017 Votes

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to do it this season. Well, I changed my mind. Reens did okay last season, and I feel like she'll do good this season too. (Though her nominations confuse me a little...) Plus, we have until August, so I figured start now and finish by then.

Disclaimer: All ratings are subject to change. They are my personal opinion and do not reflect my opinons (if any) on the creator(s) of these pages.

A +1 indicates an upvote.

A +0 indicates a neutral vote.

A -1 indicates a downvote.

A ++0 indicates a user-forced neutral vote.

Anyways, on to the categories.

  • 1 Best Hero
  • 2 Best Neutral
  • 3 Best Villain
  • 4 Best Character
    • 4.1 Male
    • 4.2 Female
  • 5 Best Character Design
    • 5.1 Male 
    • 5.2 Female
  • 6 Strongest Character
  • 7 Best Speaker
  • 8 Best Location
  • 9 Best Leader
  • 10 B…

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Reens the Hedgehog Reens the Hedgehog 4 March 2017

SFW Winter Awards Final Round Votes

It has all come down to this ... the final round.

For my first Awards, I am still pretty pleased with Reens' results. Thank you to everyone who voted in her favor!

Now ... for the votes ...

  • 1 Final Round
    • 1.1 Best Neutral
    • 1.2 Best Villain
    • 1.3 Best Character
      • 1.3.1 Male
    • 1.4 Best Character Design
      • 1.4.1 Male
      • 1.4.2 Female
    • 1.5 Best Speaker
    • 1.6 Best Fan Project
    • 1.7 Best Fan Series
    • 1.8 Best Picture



And the person who is the best of the best at not caring is ...

"Impression" the Wolf

Ember the Hyena +1 My vote has to go to Ember. I understood her more and I felt like she had the best chance of winning. Sorry "Impression", maybe in the summer?


And the person who is the best of the best at villainy is ...

Xavek the Techno-Organic +1 I have to give props to this guy. Like Sare…

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Reens the Hedgehog Reens the Hedgehog 14 February 2017

Valntine's Day Blues

Chocolate hearts wrapped in foil
Roses are red, violets aren't really blue
Fancy dinners at a posh restaurant
Are we going to split the bill in two?
Extravagant gifts and teddy bears
What's the point of all this stuff?
"I love you". Just three little words.
Who really needs the extra fluff?

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Reens the Hedgehog Reens the Hedgehog 24 January 2017

Ask Reens Redux

I figured that since Reens was, er, basically rebooted, I would let the community ask her (or me) some questions. When I answer, it will be in bold. When she answers, it will be in italic bold as to limit confusion. Without further ado, ask away!

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