Reens the Hedgehog

aka Rain

  • I live in With my Grandpa Thorpe (Eventually moving to Station Square)
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Knight, Gamer, Adventurer, etc.
  • I am Female
  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Well, the voting round is over, and it's time for Tiebreakers! 

    Honestly this season was a bit... different for me, but at least I got some nominations!

    Anyway, on to the tiebreaking votes!

    I'll have to go with Rei on this one. She's got a personality that just fits neutrality. Mars doesn't really have a section for his personality, so that kind of keeps him away from a vote for me.

    Winner: Rei

    Personally, I've interacted more with Alexis as a character and that gives me a bit of a bias. Sandy's a good character but I haven't interacted with her much.

    Winner: Alexis

    I have to give it to Rik on this one. Though Clock-Watch's design is interesting, Rik's is really nice as well, and it's cool to see a species other than the regular cast.

    Winner: Rik


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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    People are doing this a lot, so here I go following the bandwagon. You can ask my characters anything.

    Characters available to be asked:

    Reens the Hedgehog

    Sneer the Hedgehog

    Anthony "Tony" Thorpe

    Ross Livingston

    Jeremy Hawkes


    Kyrstyen Deveaux

    Leonidas the Tenrec

    Otis the Corgi

    Ronnie the Tetra

    Amanzi the Mandarin Dragonet


    Pick a character and ask away!

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Hello, all you splashy people! Reens here, and hoo boy we were waiting for a heck of a long time for these awards to start weren't we? (I'm not naming names or blaming anyone; just my observations as a female hedgehog who likes playing with melted popsicles. LOL) Anywhosies, I think we should get started with the voting! 

    As expressed last time, the voting for me will be as follows:

    +1 indicates a positive vote.

    +0 indicates a neutral vote.

    -1  indicates a negative vote.

    +00 indicates a character of mine or one of their aspects.

    I'll be doing my best to vote w/o any bias, and will add/remove votes as other nominees are added/removed.

    Without further ado, let's get into the voting!

    Chloe-Su the Echidna (Light Mobius) - She's done some heroic things…

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Okay, so I have a question for y'all.

    Are my pages good or bad?

    I always ask for suggestions for improvement but I haven't received much of anything, and it makes me feel like there's something I could do to make Reens and my other characters better. IDK what tho.

    Please try your best to either give me suggestions or comments on my wall, this blog post, or on the page(s) itself (themselves).

    Thank you for reading!

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Okay, I just refreshed the page and for some reason the Frozen wiki's logo is showing up at the top of the page? Is someone trolling us or is the entire Wiki site like this? Not a major concern but a bit, well, unusual to see.

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