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  • I was born on April 16
  • I am a female
  • Pinkolol16

    Ok, Kagi's blog is stating that we're moving to a new domain now and here. Ok, no probs, only thing... it's still ok to make new pages, right?

    Cause I'm wondering, like, I don't want to slow anything down here, at least for it, so, it's ok, right(this question is so embarrassing to ask)

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  • Pinkolol16


    February 17, 2012 by Pinkolol16

    Celebration 1 It has been exactly a year since I, along with Thundertails14's help, created my character, Crystal. Just thought I'd make this, since it's sort of important. If you don't want to celebrate, then fine with me.

    Happy 1st anniversary, Crystal the Raccoon!

    Celebration 2

    Thundertails14's main character, Threetails, had her 10 year anniversary somehwere in January(I think), but only mentioned it today. I'm gonna mention it anyway, since it's also sort of important.

    Happy 10th anniversary, Threetails the Fox!

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  • Pinkolol16

    Because, me and my friend Thundertails14 are planning a new roleplay and I heard there was a place to submit roleplays?

    Just trying to get the know-how around here. :)

    EDIT as of 23/2/2012: Ok, seems like Blurays blog now has some bulletin board to submit roleplay ideas. NOW, would our idea be allowed?

    Roleplay:(Free Join) ???(no name yet)

    Taldeva, Threetails' main villain, has found a weapon that Talvea thinks can conquer her, but can it? The machine Taldeva has found can turn those who are shot into 5 yr olds(unless they are of that, or a lower age, of which it will not work) and makes them retain their personality, with slight changes, and makes them significantly weaker. However, other villains start to make their variations of the machineā€¦

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  • Pinkolol16

    Do you REALLY hate my characters? Because I don't recolour all the time. I DO draw. I just saw Smash's votes, and my heart literally shattered when I saw my character up there for a "worst" position.

    Do you all hate them that much? Are my characters really that worthless?

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  • Pinkolol16

    How do I archive?

    November 7, 2011 by Pinkolol16

    I've looked at Wiki Help. I tried archiving my talk page, but I seem to suck at it, since there's alot of code that stuffs up every 5 seconds. I want to archive my talk page(because it's very big) but, I can't do it. Every time I try, I blow it. Can someone help?

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