• NudgeHipsterLopunny

    Ok, I know that all im gonna get is "Shut up Fuchsia, you just wanna start another fight", Look i KNOW that im the most hated user on this wiki, but theres somethink urgent i need to say.

    There is a user on this wiki trying to steal all of your fan material, and ruin it!

    Do you remember a mister Jonathan Washington? Well, hes BACK! And hes kept coming back every time he got banned!

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  • NudgeHipsterLopunny

    Gomenasai, Mina

    October 18, 2011 by NudgeHipsterLopunny

    Im sory I haven been very active lately.

    1. My computer is broken, so im using my sister's laptop
    2. I have after school tutoring
    3. My mom and shcool couselors are all up in my @$$

    To some it all up, my like sucks!

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