Hello everyone! :D Thank you for participating in the winter awards ^^ Now, here are the results! (and final rounds)

Best Character (TIED)

Best Male Character

Getting nearly every vote (except for Smash himself), our best make character is...

Smash The Echidna! But Smash, you may have to put the award on there yourself, since I can't edit it xD

Best Female Character

Our best female, winning with one point to spare, is...

Lucinda the Angelfox

Smash The Echidna and Lucinda the Angelfox will now compete for Best Character award. Leave your votes below.

Best Hero (TIED)

We have a tie between Twilight the Lycalo and Statyx the Hedgehog. Leave your votes below.

Best Neutral Character (TIED)

Another tied category! This one is between Blizzard the Wolf and Tyquone the Necro Harvester. Leave your votes below

Best Villain

With 7 votes, our best villain is...

Hamaveck the Hateful!

Strongest Character (TIED)

And yet another one...This one is between Pearl The Echidna and Scott the Wildcat.

Smartest Character

Winning by two points, or once again smartest character is...

Gizmo The Cat!

Best Leader

This character, with a whopping total of 8 points, is...

Hiero the Hawk!

Best Sidekick

This very adorable sidekick really deserved an awards ^^ Here we have...

Kitty The Cat Chao!

Most Handsome Male (TIED)

This is tied between Ryder The Hedgehog and Lionel the Raccoon. Leave your votes below.

Most Beautiful Female

With a very close call, this character managed to get one more vote. Our most beautiful female is...

Nikki "Nikkell" The Porcupine!

Best Joke Character

Umm...nothing to say here...

Corndog the Hedgehog!

Best Backstory

This character has the most amazing back story ever ^^ Our winner is...

Phantom the Mink!

Best Attack

Winning with 6 points, our best attack is...

Divine Fist!

Best Location

I've gotta say, this place is pretty good ^^ Winning best location...

The Blitz Pit!

Best Item

We've got some pretty good items. Our best is...

Grapple Gun

Best Weapon

Woah, here come the weapons xD Our winner is...

Autonomous Pixelizer!

Best Roleplay (TIED)

Tied between Roleplay:Resurgence and Roleplay:The Nightmare before Christmas. You know what to do.

Best Fangame

Of coarse, there's always the best fangame ^^ Winner is:

Sonic Adventure 3: GX!

Best Picture (5 Way Tie!)

I'm seriously starting to think we should just remove this category...There's WAY to many tied.

Best Quote

Pretty long quote, but still good...

Statyx the Hedgehog: "I was taught that one gains power only when they close their hearts, when they can do the darkest things without regret...but I've learned that when a person puts their heart into the battle, when one's resolve is tested, when one must risk everything to protect what they care about, then and only then, does one gain true power!!"


Thanks for entering everyone ^^ Now let's get these final votes done...

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