Memphis the light

aka Memph

  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is I.T.
  • I am Male
  • Memphis the light

    Hey guys Memph here,

    First and foremost, I want to apologize for my sudden disappearance. Things have recently got a little difficult for me in real life IE sickness, college and the sort. So I had to take a step back and take care of myself in those aspects. However this blog is to further notify you that Hell Week is around the corner for me. In short it is college finals and I need to take the time to study for it and pass it. I am close to getting my business degree and well, I need to put my all into it. So please excuse my absence while I put my all into getting things done to hopefully ace my finals. I hope you guys continue to have fun and if you have any issues, please do not hesitate to notify any admin or Crat. I wish I could be …

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  • Memphis the light

    Oh my gosh, I am actually doing one? Yup, here we go! I have a good collection of characters here and am going to be redoing one of them (Kelsa. She always intrigued me as a character.) Anywho, ask away. 

    Oh um, why you should ask me? Well, because I rarely talkplay nowadays, so you guys can use this as a chance to have a roleplay with me and I will actually be able to keep track of it. So win win for everyone right!?

    Solarestro the Cosmic

    Trin the Cat

    Genix the Hedgehog

    Navro the Hedgehog (Was actually my FIRST ever fan character here. Huh wow. Huh, now that I look at him over, I should bring him back with new art. His judge system that I set up was actually pretty sick. Go me! XP)

    Kelsa the Wolf

    Oblivion the Hedgehog

    Armaja the Hedgehog

    Angeloz t…

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  • Memphis the light

    Hey guys, so I am bored and have been on this wiki for four years now as I am now. So with that aside I am doing a little thing I thought to be fun that I saw on another wiki I frequent and that is an ask me anything. 

    Now you are free to ask me anything, but that does not mean I will answer it. Especially if it is extremely private or rude.

    So with that aside, Ask away. 

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  • Memphis the light

    Hello everyone this is Memph here, I am doing this as an eye opener to you all. This is the second appeal to unban Guy. Yes, this is coming from me. The appeal is going the same way as last time. But before you vote I want to have a word with you all.

    First things first: An approval vote between the admins. All admins have until the 8th to vote for approval or against approval. On the 8th, any admin that doesn't vote by then will have their vote substituted by one random user from the following list:

    • Agent-Grail
    • Akrivus
    • Bitbyte1214
    • HauntedAlchemist
    • HS664
    • Kagimizu
    • MaverickHunterSigma
    • Metal the Rogue
    • Sonicfan919

    Now then for my word..

    We have all come from many walks of life, but one thing I have seen time and time again are biases, are people shunning …

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  • Memphis the light

    OverDrive GenX

    October 28, 2014 by Memphis the light

    Hey guys, I know it is a surprise hearing from me eh? Suffice it to say I have been a tad busy with life; You know relationship, work, college and all that stuff. Anyways I decided I procrastinated enough and will start with my novel on here via this blog. Everyone here is free to read and critic it. Enjoy.

       The future, the past, the present, all of these things rendered irrelevant. Just who am I in this world of nothingness? Who am I to be trapped in a perpetual world of darkness with no light in sight? Why me? Did I curse at the gods at some point at my life? Did I cause chaos and this is Karma or some sort of divine retribution taking up arms against me? No, though my memory is fuzzy, I know I was of good nature and of good intent. But…

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