• Megaphantaze

    I think it's safe to come here again.So, what has changed here since my last visit?

    I think I should open a question blog for my characters as well. Ask them whatever you want and I try to answer to them.

    List of my characters is found from here

    Have fun

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  • Megaphantaze

    Sonic Halloween 2014

    October 4, 2014 by Megaphantaze

    BOHOO!!! It's that time again, when Zombies comes from their graves and humans turns into werewolves... Or in this case Hedgehogs. You guessed right, it's time for a 2014 edition of my Sonic Halloween.

    Idea in the series, is that I do next 31 days (I have been now doing this few days, only 27 left to go) Sonic-, fan- and miscellanious-series characters in costumes. They don't need to relate to Halloween, they can be funny, or traditionally scary. It can be a movie star, or movie character, everything is possible. The target is to draw each day one costume, one character. I have even made some extra challenge for myself and added special days, where you can contribute too.

    There are few special days in the project and they are like this:

    • Free …

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  • Megaphantaze

    Good evening. I am Megaphantaze and I got an idea to pop my head out for no reason to make a blog about a relationships of my characters. Notice that I will use my other OC's from Mega man series too.

    • Lumi and Marian (Monk the Cat)
    • Coral and Floodon (FrozenHybrid)
    • Rico and Alaina (Mrgameandfight)
    • Flint Man and Aurora Woman
    • Koolutus and Raskustung

    Rest of the gang is single

    • All my robot masters (Every 27)
    • Ajuloputus and Sheyla
    • Ametisti and Zircon
    • Pimedus and aelang

    Groove Man and Ajuloputus (Disco buddies)

    Barrier Man and Raske (Joshua the Hedgehog)(Barrier Man respects Raske)

    Yukon and Perish

    Karti masters

    Kabo's gang

    Yukon elites (Corrosion Man, Pilot Man, Bruit Man)



    I will be on contact, if interested to make a couple with these caracters


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  • Megaphantaze

    I saw this has gone now a fashion, so I decided to do this too.

    EDIT: Break is over and now i can take requests again.

    So, hit me with a request and I try to draw it as good as possible. I may don't draw like others, but I get good ideas. It takes at least 30mins and I'll put my best shot to your requests.

    And because only few wants requests, I don't have a limit of requests per user. This will make me more busier

    No requests to do right now

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  • Megaphantaze

    1000 edits on SFW

    March 4, 2014 by Megaphantaze

    Yesh, I have reached my goal to get 1000 edits here on Sonic fanon Wiki. It took almost half year to get 1000 edits. I think it's record now.

    I like to thank Monk the cat, who has ben guiding me and helping me to create Lumi the cat and this way to find my passion to romantic roleplays. Thank you for FrozenHybrid, my second best friend here and for all those admins, who have helped me to reach these edits. It's been long and rocky route to victory. But still I haven't gave up. I have learned so much from all of you on my days and months on this Wiki.

    I will continue my way. Maybe we meet again and I could be admin or chat moderator, when we meet again. who knows...

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