aka Malik the Hedgehog

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is College
  • I am Male
  • MalikTH

    If you have been following my content (and chances are, you were, since you're reading this), you might have noticed for some time that I haven't been making edits here. This post aims to cover all of the different reasons why that is.

    I've been taking final exams. I have two left at the time of typing this, and my parents are not letting me use any sort of electronics except for study purposes. I'm just blatantly not allowed on here until after school tomorrow. (But I'm sneaky, hence the existence of this post.)

    You read that right. I've made my own Wikia for the sole purpose of building my canon, which is not exclusive to Sonic. It also spans other franchises, like Pokémon and, eventually (and maybe regrettably), UNDERTALE.

    If you still do …

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  • MalikTH

    Hey, guys, long time no see. I've been gone for 8 months now, and my characters have changed a lot since then, especially Malik, as you can see from the recent edits. Lots of things have been happening in the 8 months time. I've been practicing my roleplaying skills with my friends. I've moved to a new house. And all that other stuff you probably don't care about. It all happened in the 8 months that I'm gone, and I am happy to be back.

    I'm dropping Malik's Super Form mostly for lack of content; it's marked for deletion. I've also completely redid his history, and a few minor changes to match, so if you want to check out, well, here you go.

    This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I'm also dropping Lava entirely. He will be marked f…

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