Lightning2315 Lightning2315 3 April 2017




Just kidding, most of yall might not even know me.

Whats up SFW Gang? Anyone new? Old?

I've been gone for so long, I don't know who is who anymore. Someone please fill me in on the details. :)

Anywho, let me get to know ya'll! Comment on this blog, tell me who you are, show me your characters. I'd love to get to know everyone while I still have the chance. :)

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Lightning2315 Lightning2315 17 July 2014


Hi Guys! It's been awhile, Hasn't it?

I'm deeply sorry for the absence, I've been quite busy the past months with school work. Now that I'm in summer vacation, I'll try to contribute to the wiki more. Even though I've noticed the admins doing quite a good job. -.- (Saw some of my articles deleted, had me on salt mode but I can understand why so it's all good.)

So what's up?! Haha who are the new users here?! Anyone from the old generations still going on here?! Lemme know what's up!! 

How's everyone's week going? Anything new? Chat with me anytime haha, I'm always able to lend an ear.

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Lightning2315 Lightning2315 5 November 2012

Get me hip.

Hey guys! Checking up on everyone just to see if everything is alright!

So what's new? Any problems we're having? I need to get hip/know what went on and what goes on lol.

Btw sorry for my leave, I've been having some "legal" issues. But yeah. Tell me what goes on(: I needa know!

~Love, Light.

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Lightning2315 Lightning2315 11 May 2012

Hey Guys!

So, I just want to say that I'm perminantly staying. :)

I'm so very sorry I haven't been on. Just...the things I've been doing has gotten my attention. That and I can't get on the computer as much anymore.

So I came on and I saw that I was most missed?


Aw, you guys are just so sweet.

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Lightning2315 Lightning2315 9 April 2012


Just wanted tO see how things were.

I hope everyone is having a nice week & another enjoyable SFW day. :)

Love you guys !!! :D

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