• KittheCat

    New Schedule

    February 6, 2010 by KittheCat

    Since my parents have had a talk about my time on the computer recently, I won't be on as much. My parents said I am mature and I should be able to make my own limits and if I don't live up on these limits, my parents will make the limits.

    NOTE: These times are all in the Central Time Zone

    I have Sunday School and church from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and I won't be on before then. I'll get on at 1:00 pm after I read, draw, etc. I'll take breaks from the computer too but I don't know when those breaks will be though. I have to go to bed at 8:30 pm (or 9:30 pm depending on what's going on).

    I have school this day. I won't get on in the morning before school. Then after school at my granparents' house, I'll do homework and/or for an hour, I'll be on …

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  • KittheCat

    V-Day Picture

    February 2, 2010 by KittheCat

    I'm gonna start working on a Valentine's Day picture featuring the couples I used for Earth: X Years Later, which are my main couples (excluding Candi the Mole, since we don't know her love interest). I'm really excited to do a group picture like this! :3

    Couples going to be featured:


    Please don't complain about the couples, 'k? ^_^' We can all have our own opinions without being yelled at, right?

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  • KittheCat

    Less Time

    January 20, 2010 by KittheCat

    Oh yeah, last night my mom told me last night that if I don't limit my time on the computer because I spend too much time on it, my dad and her will consider only letting me on the computer on weekends. So I won't be on as much as I use to. Sorry. >_<

    Yeah, I didn't get on the computer this morning like usually do and I'm gonnna stop doing that. >_< I also read when I got to my granparents because that's where I have to spend my time afterschool. So I'm gonna start reading afterschool for some time. I'm not gonna get on the minute I get home. I MIGHT get on the computer after supper when everything is taken care of but I'm afraid to do that. >_<

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  • KittheCat


    January 3, 2010 by KittheCat

    I'm planning on joining DeviantART tomorrow or soon. I really want my art to be shown to a larger, I really want to meet some of my favorite artist there, and I really to show you guys some of my fanart for other series (mainly HomestarRunner). I think I'll go as TenekoNerin. =D So if anyone here wants to befriend me there you will be able to. And if my parents find out I made an account for DeviantART I'll say, "It will help with my road to being an artist!". So, please, don't be shy! Comment! Thanks! ^U^

    I'm a deviant now!-> [1]

    (HappyDance) =D

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  • KittheCat

    Nerin the Cat

    January 1, 2010 by KittheCat

    Ah, Nerin the Cat. The moebian version of Teneko the Cat, my fursona. She is a sorta polar opposite of Teneko, in personality and appearance.

    And I need help with coloring her. I need opposite colors of what Teneko has.

    Heres Nerin's design:

    Please comment! Thanks! ^U^

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