• KingKong20x6

    This is the Sonic Parody of Space Jam: Sonic Jam X!

    Freedom Fighters and friends captured by pirates

    Sonic: Is this cool or is this cool?

    Knuckles: Oh, this is cool Sonic.

    Manic: Hey guys! Check this out! (Shows off some of his surfing skills)

    Tails: Nice moves, Manic.

    Manic: Thanks, Tails.

    Amy: Hmm, I wonder what Sonic would say.

    Cream: Who's that for Amy?

    Amy: Oh nobody.

    Cream: You didn't made that for Sonic, did you?

    Amy: No, of course not.

    Sonia: (Hears a cannon firing) Heads up! Incoming fire!

    (Everyone gets out of the way)

    Knuckles: What is that?

    Tails: It's a cannonball, made out of ice.

    Cheese: Chao! Chao!

    Cream: Hey guys! Cheese found something in the distance.

    (An iceberg pirate ship comes towards the beach)

    Captain Joseph: Ahoy down there! How luc…

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