Alright, after storing the past improvements I suggested, I'm taking steps for round 6, part 5. This one is about some alterations to the very voting process of the wiki, so this is some very serious business, understood? This time, I'm bringing the voting period to a variable of 7 to 11 days due to personal reasons; any votes after won't be counted.

Chat Mod Election Process Change (10/11/2012)

Revision suggestion: Chat Mod nominations make no distinction between admin and user vote, counting the sum total in general. In addition, chat-exclusive Users are permitted to vote in relation to this position, regardless of wiki activity.

As of late, the wiki has had a severe need for chat mods due to inappropriate activity and trolling. However, there is a problem with the election process for this unique position. There are few Users who spend a decent amount of time on both the wiki AND the chat, and most of the admins don't use chat either. So, this leaves a majority of Users and admins uninformed about nominees for this position, and unable or unwilling to cast a vote without said information. As such, I make this suggestion so as to reduce the restrictions on Chat Mod elections, due to the unique requirements of the position.


  • Wh!teStar
  • Doom72
  • Gamedezyner
  • Bitbyte1214
  • Venom The Echidna
  • Smash the Echidna
  • Tailsman67
  • Akrivus
  • SuperTheHedgehog
  • Draon029
  • Frozen Scorpio




I want to remind people that this blog is open to all people to put suggestions forward for policies that could be used to improve the wiki. Please try and do so, and please take active part in voting and making these decisions.

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