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  • I was born on November 21
  • My occupation is Mutageneticist
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  • HS664

    Bleh. Going away for a week...

    December 20, 2014 by HS664

    My family is dragging me to Disney World, so you'll be seeing less of me from the 20th to the 27th. Most likely I'm going to be severely miserable while I'm on vacation, so I'll probably be little to more different than what I'm normally like. :D

    Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone.

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  • HS664

    Community Pages

    November 24, 2014 by HS664

    Okay, so during the small meeting (Which was severely derailed midway by political issues) we discussed how the wiki doesn't feel "Together" enough. So, we discussed pages like the Kinetics, which is a massive conglomerate page between legions of users. The same goes for the many elemental pages which were also part of group efforts that have died out.

    So, it was thought it would be a worthy endeavor to make pages like this again. There were a few discussions, and rough ideas. It suggested that we might bring back these "Community Pages" as a way for users to share ideas.

    One such examples would one user making an attack page, and then letting other users let their characters use it (One such example). There was also the Element pages, which…

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  • HS664

    Re-Working the Synchro Stones

    September 20, 2014 by HS664

    Okay, so my award winning shiny rocks are going to be remade for a few reasons. First is that they are massively outdated for my setting, second is that their are too much like similarly named stones from another setting, and third is that I like my new idea for them better.

    First off, infusing them into your skin is no longer possible, except by very powerful arcane beings (such as the oldest of dragons, high level sorcerers) or other, certain beings (inorganics like Golems).

    That means that anyone who has a Synchro Stone inplanted needs them to be retconned (Which, honestly, shouldn't be that hard. No one really used them).

    Second, is that they are used a phlebotinum in weapons and certain magitek. The development and impact of magic on soc…

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  • HS664

    Okay, so I /finally/ got TWE up

    September 16, 2014 by HS664

    Well, the title says it all. The World's Enemy is an old as f*** project I've been working on that I finally got something resembling progress with it. I put up the first chapter on my new dA account (Which will most likely not contain art anytime soon).

    TWE is a mixture of modern fantasy, sci-fi, action, and I'd like to think drama and horror. It is part of a series of what I predict as around 26 chapters (don't quote me on that). Reading it will seriously help. If you want to leave feedback, just leave it on my dA account.

    First Chapter Here

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  • HS664

    New User FAQ

    August 19, 2014 by HS664

    Alright, in the past, we've had an ungodly amount of users who come on to the wiki, didn't read the rules/didn't agree with them, and got banned permanently. These people go on and exaggerate how badly we treated them, only adding to the Wiki's negative image.

    I took time out of my day to carefully right this blog on Frequently Asked Questions, and what is expected as proper Wiki ettiquette.

    And before you read this, this is meant to cover the most important rules in the nicest ways possible. These are not the only rules, but they are pretty damn important.

    Okay, so here are things that ALL users, from the lowliest new-editor to the highest Bureaucrat are expected to follow, without exception. If you do not follow these rules, action will mos…

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