I think that this place and it's members need to take a break. Because of a few articles and some issues that everyone has had with some other people, everyone has been incredibly tense and stressed as a result. As a result, trust between ourselves is beggining to faulter, and we're not allowing ourselves to think rationally about everything because of what our emotions are doing to us because of the past situations. I went to this blog on this Wki and spoke to some of you on what I believe that we should do in order to solve our problems with a certain individual (And by that, I mean simply ignore him and never talk or refer to him ever again), and put everthng back on track. The Pokemon attack aricles have now been dealt with and won't come back, and Guy has been stripped of his Admin rank now, so hopefully all of our issues have been settled once and for all. If they have, then I would like to request that eveyone (Icluding myself) to do this: Take a break from this Wiki and do other things for a while, in order to allow yourselves to recover and regain your senses of good judgement, and regain control of your emotions. I really think that we all need to cool our jets now and just relax for awhle, and come back and let life resume like it once had before all the chaos has started. You can all refer to that blog that I have given you the link to in order to find out more informatin about what I hope to do around here, but in short, I plann to make several changes around here and put this place back on it's feet any way I can, and help restore our happy days on this Wiki. But I realy think that we should take some time off from this palce before we resume participating in each others fanon and creating fanon altogether. IDK about you guys, but Im literally exausted because of what's been going around here lately, and I want to take some time off and recover once I know that everything has been settled with everyone.... So what do you all say about this? Do any of you think that we should all take a break as well?

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