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Genesjs Genesjs 14 July 2010

My views on the SFW

This is a conversation I was having on the Shout Box, in which I was explaining my views and discussing with several users about the SFW. Please read the whole thing before posting any comments, so you'll understand the siutation more clearly.

x [18:27] Stolen art, lack of a good appearance...this wiki has seemed uncreative lately.

x [18:28] ... I have to give Twist props.....for a fanon wiki, CPFW is handled well.

x [18:28] What about me..?

x [18:40] Not everyone is uncreative, only the art thiefs.

x [18:44] No,

x [18:44] ... There ARE MANY MANY users on here who are evry uncreative.

x [18:44] I don't theif. I KILL thieves. I even decided to protect myself against them

x [18:44] _*very

x [18:45] ... An example of an uncreative user?

x [18:45] Well, tha…

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Genesjs Genesjs 28 March 2010

The SFW needs to take a break

I think that this place and it's members need to take a break. Because of a few articles and some issues that everyone has had with some other people, everyone has been incredibly tense and stressed as a result. As a result, trust between ourselves is beggining to faulter, and we're not allowing ourselves to think rationally about everything because of what our emotions are doing to us because of the past situations. I went to this blog on this Wki and spoke to some of you on what I believe that we should do in order to solve our problems with a certain individual (And by that, I mean simply ignore him and never talk or refer to him ever again), and put everthng back on track.…

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