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  • Gamedezyner

    I'm Tired

    July 29, 2019 by Gamedezyner

    Short and sweet, I've left and come back a few times, and I don't want to keep doing that. I lost interest in this community a long time ago and have just been hanging around as something to do. With the last of the people I hung around this place with leaving, I'm at the point where there's no reason to keep checking on the wiki anymore.

    After leaving and coming back so many times, I've decided to do something different this time. I'll stay in the background and be around if someone needs my help with something. You can hit me up on discord if you ever need help with the wiki, and I'd be happy to help (Bots and all), but I won't be actively monitoring this place anymore. Yeah, I know I wasn't really doing that in the first place, but …

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  • Gamedezyner

    So this was originally posted on my talk page, no idea why I put it there instead of a blog.

    Now you can roll dice on the wiki simply by adding ' to an edit! They use a randomly generated seed based on the time you click publish on the edit, so they can't be cheated without someone seeing that in the edit history. Once you post a die roll, it's been rolled. Keep in mind that if you try to preview the edit, it will show a die number, but that isn't what you're actually going to get!

    They look like this:

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  • Gamedezyner

    So I'm Back

    February 28, 2018 by Gamedezyner

    This place is pretty magnetic after all. I get pulled back for different reasons than most, but I'm still returning from my slumber.

    A lot of you won't remember me, and some of you seem to think I'm evil (for some reason). I can assure you that isn't the case. It's just being ill-informed about wiki history.

    I wanted to address some issues that came up in the votes so you all know where I stand:

    There's a lot of opinions below. Remember that these are my opinions, and they may impact some of the changes I might attempt to make as time goes on. Notice my use of the word "attempt". Keep in mind that the voting process for wiki changes was essentially my idea, and I still hold it in high regard. Even as a bureaucrat I still don't have the author…

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  • Gamedezyner

    I've been thinking about this place lately and I've decided to come back and take a look around. Got some ideas that may work out better this time.

    For those who don't remember me or don't know me, I like turtles.

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  • Gamedezyner

    Hi everyone, I'm not dead!

    I got bored tonight and decided to pop in to say hello to everyone. How are y'all doin?

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