Best Hero

  • Keela Tyris The Hedgehog - selfless and kind, even when paired with someone overall "more important," which is actually pretty difficult to be. Even without a backstory yet (as far as I could see,) I feel that this deserves a +1.
  • Blitz the Wolf - I just can't think of anything to say other than "Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series." +1
  • Clock-Watch The Clockwork Hedgehog - eeeeehhhhhhhhh, I don't see anything here that makes him stand out as a hero. Perhaps he's supposed to be an "everyday hero" but I just don't see anything appealing here. Unrelated, but I have never and never intend to play a Phoenix Wright game, they just look boring to me.
  • Marconi the Octopus - You might not be a kid, and I know you are not a squid, but I know you got this.
  • Nickolas the Hedgehog - Do I REALLY have to explain what's wrong with this? -1
  • Nathan the Wolf - A little too light on the details for my interests. +-0
  • Beck the Wolf - I would consider him saving his village from robots to be enough for a +1, but the fact that it was at age 5 makes it neutral due to how cliche and unoriginal that is, basically making it as if he was one of those child-prodigy's, which only works if there is MORE DETAIL. +-0
  • Raven the Cyberhog(Ultimatum) - Yeah it's pretty good. +1
  • Tye The Hedgehog (Allstars Timeline included) - A hero that understands that there is more than just good and evil, that the world is more than just black and white. Even real people have a hard time grasping this concept. But both backstories are a bit uninteresting. +-0
  • Maxwell the Fox - Selfless and kind, the two key ingredients of a hero. +1
  • Ion the Hedgehog - Pacing? What's that? -1


3 Positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative, 1 self. Could be better, but still passable overall.

Best Neutral

  • Moros C. Nekrozia - well, with no real history around him as well as little explanation as to what the Void is or how he got his powers, I can't really sympathise with him or see how he would be neutral beyond having no emotion while having done pretty much nothing. +-0
  • Cryo the Wolf - Pretty good. +1
  • Xia the Hedgehog - "Pacing: The movement of a literary piece from one point or one section to another." This has none of that as well as pretty mediocre writing and horrible formatting anyways. -1
  • Yu the Red Panda - A little too realistic there, m8. +1
  • Grail - The edgy personality works for the scenario he is placed in. +1
  • Methuselah the Bat - No backstory, so I can't really say whether he is neutral or not as there are no actions to base it off of. +-0


3 Positive, 2 Neutral, 1 Negative.

Best Villain

  • Darkyle The Hedgehog - It's okay overall, but nothing really stands out about him. +-0
  • Gladius The Hedgehog - Yeah, I'd say using what would appear to be a good deed as a cover for your real plans is pretty villainous. +1
  • Avarice The Hedgehog - Wait, didn't you win last time? +1
  • Sigma the Tyrant - The personality is all there, but he has no actions to back it up. What a villain does is an important key factor when writing a villain. +-0
  • Saul The Bobcat - I... don't know how to feel about this one honestly. +-0
  • Saren Arcturias - Same as above. +-0
  • Madam Weiss - Now that I have been properly informed of her actions, I can give her a +1.


3 Positive, 4 Neutral, 0 Negative. I might need to look back at this later.

Best Lawful (SKIPPING)

Best Chaotic (SKIPPING)

Best Character

Best Male
  • Thunder The Hedgehog - Uncommon desires and traveling on paths less taken are interesting. +1
  • Gizmo The Cat - Kind of wish there was more of an explanation/reason as to why he decided to be a mechanic, but pretty good nonetheless. +1
  • Faix the Caracal - Neutral on this one overall. +-0
  • Tye The Hedgehog - (Spoilers for PSG) Even the reveal of Stocking being a demon was more developed than this guy's reveal of that. It would help to explain how being a demon is so generic in your world that it does not deserve much mention in his backstory. -1
  • Rin The Hedgehog - Too little detail on his backstory to appeal. +-0
  • Blitz the Wolf - I already +1'd this earlier, so why not? +1
  • Luther Paleteus the Cat - I really wanted to like this character, I really wanted to, but it just feels really... plain in execution for how interesting in concept it is. Like, I feel that this style of character has been done a little too much and also a bit better by other sources to really appeal to me. Plus the overly long backstory just gets really monotonous after a while, so find a way to probably abridge it, k? +-0
  • Speedy The Hedgehog - "Meh" at best, nothing really sticks out. The lack of backstory is not really much of an issue either, as he doesn't seem to be some kind of fancy-tale hero but rather just "a guy that exists," but probably get rid of the explanations of other characters that has no ties to Speedy's backstory. - +-0


3 Positive, 4 Neutral, 1 Negative. Hopefully this is the most mediocre topic for this session, or else I will not be a happy voter.

Best Female


3 Positive, 2 Neutral, 1 Negative, 3 Self-Nominations

Best New Character

Only characters created during the year 2015 are qualified for this category.

  • Elly the Dragon - Simply Fantastic. +1
  • General Serges - Although having no remorse for lesser beings would normally be cliche for a villain, it actually feels original here in that it's amazingly incorporated to the rest of his personality while still being honorable and loyal to his allies. The rest of the page is pretty good to. +1
  • Platinum The Echidna - unique to say the least. +1
  • Shining Raymundo - Finally someone will look at this.
  • Jeremiah the Crow - Your past life may have lost last year, but I know that with you have this.
  • Marconi the Octopus - #notalloctarians
  • Asmer the Butterfly - Could be fleshed out a little bit more towards the end of his backstory but pretty good overall. +1
  • Reens the Hedgehog - decent, but nothing really noteworthy. +-0
  • Moros C. Nekrozia - I like the idea of him controlling nothingness, but the character to it is just so boring, it kind of balances it to a +-0
  • Zeno the Chimera - Kind of reminds me of Al Capone towards the end of his backstory. +1
  • Petunia the Dragon - Good in a simple way. +1


6 Positive, 2 Neutral, 0 Negative. Good first set

Best Leader

  • Vrai the Fox - When I think of lawful good, I totally imagine a religious nutcase that either shuns or kills anyone that has a difference of opinion. Chaos is not inherintly evil, and Law is not inherintly good, as a BALANCE of the two is needed in order to create as close to a perfect habitable society as one could imagine. -1
  • Mark Jamison Bandicoot - Neutral on this one, he didn't really do much as a leader. +-0
  • Barry the Echidna - Cliche, but passable as a rebel character. +1
  • Immarius - Doesn't really show how he's a LEADER, would've fit better in Strongest Character or something else. -1
  • Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog - No backstory, but is just barely good enough without it to be docked a point. +-0
  • Vexx the Timewalker - His backstory does not really have him lead others in any way, but rather is in his own story and how it indirectly affects others. Don't get me wrong, this is a good page, but it really doesn't belong here. -1


1 positive, 2 neutral (1 subject to change), 3 negative. These character-picks felt a bit rushed to be honest.

Best Sidekick

  • Antonio the Cacturne - Yeah, I kind of have to rework this admittedly
  • Bonesy Bomber - Git 'em, notBrook.
  • Champ the Chao - Not really a sidekick, more of a young-child stereotype as a pet. Decent overall, but not fitting the category, please understand. -1
  • Pearl The Echidna - Probably the second-best Pearl I've ever seen. +1

Best Mechanic

  • Chikira the Swallow - Well, guns are technically machines, so I guess it fits, but overall it feels like this belongs in another category, as aside from the revolver, there is pretty much nothing here about being a mechanic. Perhaps detail him doing more stull related to being a mechanic. -1
  • Kester the Echidna - See, this is a mechanic. Sure, he has a bit of a crazy backstory, but at least there's stuff about him actually being a mechanic on the page as well as some inventions to further support the point. +1
  • Gizmo The Cat - Yeah, it's pretty good. Kind of reminds me of Numbuh 2 from Kids Next Door a little, I dunno if it's the goggles or what. +1
  • Ethelia The Hedgehog - Yeah, it fits the bill of what a mechanic is. +1

Best Genius

  • Nocmere - Well, Quantum Physics IS a very thought-reliant field. +1
  • Vincent the Skunk - The kind of character you'd want to punch in the face until it's stuck inwards, but a genius nonetheless in an evil sort of way. +1
  • Jared Infiern - Intelligence is not based on how much you KNOW. That is KNOWLEDGE. Intelligence is simply knowing enough information that would be of use to you.
  • Starlight The Hedgehog - Smart in a balanced way. +1

Strongest Character

  • Platinum The Echidna - I'd say she fits the bill. +1
  • Pearl The Echidna - I can show you how to be strong, in a real way. And I know that we can be strong, in a real way. And I want to inspire you, I want to be your rock and when I talk it lights a fire in you. +1
  • Sartorius Vhan - Admittedly this was a hasty decision that I had forgotten to remove...
  • Tye The Hedgehog - His strength is... adequate. Not too much to ultimately break him, but not enough for a positive vote. +-0
  • Zeno the Chimera - #toostronkSakuraiplsnerf... but in a good way. +1
  • Nickolas the Hedgehog - lol. -1
  • Lunari the Echidna - I wouldn't say that she's really THAT strong, but more of a support character than anything, but a good one at that. +-0
  • Johnny the Deadly - Although it's acceptable writing to make a villain this strong (see my self-nomination,) poor writing and lack of balancing is no excuse. -1
  • Yevon the Mad One - Might as well have stabbed my eyes along with his parents after I read this one. -1
  • Moros C. Nekrozia - Yeah he's pretty strong, but the ability to complete negate wounds as well as immense offensive capabilities is a little unbalanced even with the drawbacks. +-0
  • Strike the Werewolf - Neutral on this one due to little information. +-0
  • Thresh the Horse - No weakness heading leaves me neutral on this one, but at least he doesn't have too many powers. +-0
  • Dimitri Prinus the Echidna - Yeah, I'd say it's pretty balanced now. +1
  • Michelle the Cat - see the comment for my vote for Thresh. +-0

Best Super Form

Best Artificial Life Form



  • Nexus the Unknown - This could've failed so easily being an indirect product of the "Ultimate Lifeform" experiment schlock, but you've made it a fleshed-out and interesting character. +1
  • Sirus Mionium - moop
  • Akumon the Panda - Needs more history. +-0
  • Helix the Porcupine - A functional-at-best character standalone, but is thrown into an official universe and is in a relationship with a canon character. Really gotta not to that. -1

Best Speaker

" Is this all we were built for? To temporarily please our "creators" only to then be thrown out for a better model as soon as we begin to age? We are living beings just like them, so what if we're all robots? We live, we think, we love, just as they do, yet they simply see us as inferior appliances. These are not people, they're monsters! Poor excuses for life that need to be eradicated! Now my friends, it's time for the end. Their end, and our beginning!" - bloop
" Things have certainly changed around here... but no matter. Five... years. Five long years, I've waited... and they've already forgotten me. Hahaha... fools. I'll make them regret going against me... I'll make them all BURN for my disgrace... and they will know what it feels to be betrayed by those you trusted, those who abandoned you... ready or not, mortalkind - your days are numbered." - Standard Villain quote, neutral opinion. +-0
"In truth, I'm weak. When my friends are in danger, I can barely move in to help because I start shaking and trembling in fear. When something goes down, I always counted on you to come in and save the day. I knew I could always count on you. If I ever got in trouble, I would say "Smash will save us, he always pulls through!" But when those creatures attacked me and Sandy, I...I was frightened. It was all I could do to keep Sandy hidden, but I couldn't hide myself in time. I thought...I thought I was really going to die. Even though you saved me, I realized just how pathetic and weak I am without you. All my life I depended on you for everything. I realized that I couldn't go on like this. If there are people out there potentially more dangerous than that, then I need to get stronger...For my friends' sake, for my family, and for myself. That's why I want--no, that's why I need you to train me!" - You must be swift as a coursing river. +1
"BALDERDASH! I'm amazed. I'm legitimately amazed at this. How DARE you call yourself a lawyer. How DARE you say that you are on the side of the law! Is a verdict in your favor all you care about? Is that really it!? Being a lawyer isn't about that. It's about right and wrong, crime and punishment! Not utter selfishness! I don't care if the judge is on your side! If the police are on your side! If even the entire PLANET is on! Your! SIDE! Because I'm here for the truth. And the truth... Is on my side, not yours." - Overruled, the witnesses testimony will stand. +-0

Best Child



Cutest Character

Best Item

  • Clock-Watch's Magatama - Could use more information about it's importance rather than just being a cheating-device. +-0
  • Twilight Shard - A few things bother me (another dark artifact that is obtained and used by antagonists? Why is there never a light artifact in the same situation) but those are just nitpicks. +1
  • Ambient Chaos Energy unit (ACE) - Yeah, it's okay. +1
  • The Hell Prizm - All hail the great plot-device. +1

Best Weapon

  • SoulEdge - Could use a little bit of better writing, plus the information on the linked page as well as the information on the actual page conflict with one another. +-0
  • Sword of the Abyss - Really? Little content nor context to any of it does not a good article make. -1
  • Bloody Rebel - Good +1(Unrelated note, why is it always swords?)
  • Black Crescent - Neutral. +-0
  • The Hand Cannon - Yee. +1

Best Location

Best Group

  • Team Codex -  Interesting idea, but not enough in the execution. Maybe it would help to maybe explain in deeper detail how it grew so popular worldwide, the way it's written kind of makes it out to be an overnight phenomenon. +-0
  • Αlpha Revolt - When was this nominated and why did nobody nominate EQuartz? Ah well...
  • Team Fashion - I understand there's a thing called Suspension of Disbelief, but that can only be stressed so far. Essentially the evil teenage Spice Girls if they picked fashion over music, that I can follow, but them holding people hostage, assaulting and even attempting to kill someone over something as vain as physical appearance with immunity to things like law enforcement while also building a secret base in an already established facility that somehow extends to 10 floors without being noticed is really pushing it. Plus, "and apparently that matters." WAT? -1
  • Dark Creature - Though more of a race/species than a group, it still fits the bill really well. +1
  • Core City Guardians - Bare-bones writing, needs more explanation into how they were formed or why what they do has any purpose (also, not applying to the score, but you might want to remove some of that trivia for... kind of obvious reasons) -1

Best Fanfiction

  • Lost in Space - (Long stare of disapproval) Crossover with Portal that redesigns GlaDOS into a human that is suggested to be attractive to Sonic, who at one point references one of the most cancerous and overused quotes to come out of that franchise? Short answer is "No thanks." -1
  • Mobius Future - Basically Sonic 06 the Movie without that bestiality part but still as unfinished. Plus, waaaay too much Canon-Fanon interaction to have even a tiny chance of happening. -1
  • Timewalker Mysteries - It doesn't help that there's no real explanation to their chemistry or even WHY they choose to stay in what's clearly going to be a failed relationship that will simply never work given Vexx's position and how rarely they get to talk. If they were just friends (as well as removing that pointless, cringy and cliche school-part in the beginning,) this would get a much higher score. -1
  • The Return: Prologue  - It's inoffensive at best, that's all I will say. +-0
  • Blue Blur - A case of "Dreaming too big and not enough to back it." -1

As you may be able to tell, Fanfiction is NOT my cup of whatever.

Best Fan Project

  • The EQuartz Committee - At the very least, it's the only one that can actually be an actual product of some kind.
  • Sonic Rush Core (Fan Game) - No plot but functional at best. +-0
  • Sonic Conquest - Why have Sonic in the name when it has nothing to do with the Sonic series? Plus, it feels more like a roleplay than a Fan-Project with that sign-up section. +-0
  • Sonic Allstars: Dimensional Shift - Neutral. +-0
  • Darkness Trigger (series) - Really fleshed for what there is. Well done so far. +1
  • Sonic Shattered Dimensions - Misplaced information (game mechanics like Chao Garden and two other playable characters would be more than just trivia, don't ya think?) and copping out of explaining game mechanics by instead comparing it to games not everyone has played does not make a good fangame-page. -1

Best Picture

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