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  • Frozen Scorpio

    So yeah, as you can tell from the title, I have now been on this wikia for five years. It sure has been a memorable ride so far, during which I've made things I beforehand could only dream of and got the chance to talk to more people than I could even think about. I'm not really one for these long-winded emotional spills or whatever they are called, so that's all I really got. Well, it is also Digimon Day so there's that I guess. Anyway, it also seems like around this time is when a few other people are making blog posts as well, so that's also a thing.

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  • Frozen Scorpio

    So yeah, I will be voting again.

    1. Blitz the Wolf - Well-developed, I like that he cracks puns and quips. (1)
    2. Astrid the Fox - So a character that was initially recruited by a villainous team and then killed them to stop whatever evil they may try to do. Interesting. (1)
    3. Aiwa the Bat - Interesting older-brother type, sad that he didn't get to shock the heavens with his lightning but still had a nice, respectful conclusion. (1)
    4. Rick the Hedgehog - I'm not sure that's how concussions work, also using canon characters like that is generally frowned upon. Overall this is really poorly made/formatted and feels a lot like an unironic self-insert. (-1)
    5. Thunder The Hedgehog - I think I mentioned it before but I would watch a show about this guy. (1)
    6. Solom…

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  • Frozen Scorpio

    So yeah, self-explanatory. I'm taking and doing art requests again, so feel free to suggest a few.

    • Nothing 18+
    • Please provide a reference image and/or link to article for a character or object you wish for me to draw.
    • These things take time and personal issues may come up, please be patient when such things happen.
    • I have the full right to deny any request.
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  • Frozen Scorpio

    So hello everyone. I don't make blog posts that often, nor roleplays for that matter. However, I have had this idea for an RP for a while now, and I feel it that now is the best time to say it, so that I can know as to whether or not people would be interested.

    Okay, here goes

    The basic gist of this rp is that, during a seemingly normal day at a museum, a wannabe crook tries to steal a special artifact (this being a large crystal known as the Zenith Eye) but accidentally damages it during confrontation with others. Reacting immediately, the Zenith Eye fragments itself into 100 pieces, which then scatter across the world. Two (or more) remain in the museum, which attract to the crook and his pursuers, who then begin to hear seperate voices fr…

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  • Frozen Scorpio

    So yeah, I'm doing award votes again.

    • Blitz the Wolf - It's good, but the problem is that it's too long. Can't you make an abridged version for people who don't want to spend half an hour reading all of it? +1 anyway.
    • Knockout the Wolf - It would be better if you held off until there was more information in her history, nothing here really screams "Hero." +0
    • Agent Jacob Lawson - Again, nothing really screams "Hero" to me. +0
    • Trident The Hedgehog - This doesn't even have a history, so what is there to judge? Unrelated, but genetic relation to canon characters is really not a good thing to have. -1
    • Pandora the Tiger - Apparently Haunted didn't even want this here.
    • Statyx the Hedgehog - All I found backstory-wise was stuff about some scientist doin…

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