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  • Frost the Wolf

    Okay, since a lot of other users are creating these type of blogs, I thought I may as well make my first blog by creating a Question and Answer blog where you, the members of Sonic Fanon Wiki, may talk with my characters. You can ask them questions, engage them in a conversation, or just be friendly and say "hello". You can either talk to them yourselves, or have one of your characters talk with them. From this point forward, any conversation will be held with them unless you ask me directly.

    Here is the list of characters that you can talk to:

    Static the Cat

    Mimic the Mockingbird

    Crystaline the Wolf

    "Twilight" and Eclipse (Eclipse is a mute, so Zo- I mean Twilight will translate her answer for you)

    Static Nega

    Robin Owsparr

    Dr. Xavior E. Archer (…

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