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Frost here. This is my blog for what my votes are concerning the SFW 2013 Summer awards. This years summer awards are being hosted by Smash the Echidna, so you know that this is going to be a good contest. Since this is my first voting blog, I'll do my best to be fair with each and every entry. If possible, I'll explain why I give each article a certain vote.

Well, let's get started!

Best Hero

Vallum the Margay - Even though his history is blank, his Personality and Abilities section say more than enough for me. Truly a character deserving of honor and hero status. While it would be nice to see a list of his deeds, I can see him being a great hero. (Final Vote: +1)

Shimmer the Hedgehog - *Gawking in surprise* No. Just.... no. There are way too many things where this has gone wrong. First, the Piko Piko hammer ONLY belongs to Amy Rose. Second, "Faster than the speed of mind" doesn't make a lot of sense. Third, he has way too many powers and too few reasonable explanations for them. And I find the splitting the loot with Rouge 50-50 quite humorous, as Rouge is not known for taking half or less of the prize. I'm sorry, but he isn't "Best Hero" material. (Final vote: -1)

Statyx the Hedgehog - Now THIS is a character I've read multiple times because it is so well done. Amazing detail all across the board. While I wouldn't vote for him as "Best Hero" at the beginning of his life, his present day self is heroic for the most part (While the "Meeting Sonic and Change of Heart" category is not there, his personality section gives more than enough info about how his personality changed). While I'm not 100% with the Stataze relationship (I don't really support any Blaze the Cat pairings, actually), and I feel like he may be a teensy wee bit overly powerful, this character is still downright amazing in all aspects. Kagimizu no doubt put his heart, mind, and soul into Statyx. I hope I can have the honor to do a roleplay with him sometime. (Final Vote: +1 [plus a pile of candy as a bonus])

Static the Cat - Well, he's not finished yet, but I hope to add enough info soon enough to show that he is worthy of being called a hero. If only I could get his personality the way I want it. It's really not easy doing the personality of a fursona, as you have to put both your personality into the character as well as the personality that would result from their life experiences. Still, I'll do my best to finish his page before voting ends so that he's given a fair judgement. (I am restricted from voting for him, since he is my character.)

Splice The Hedgehog - I like this guy! Definitely a good hearted character who would be fun to be around. He's believable, reasonably powered, and it seems like he would be someone who would save the day. The information provided is enough to make me understand that this guy is worth calling a hero. A person who will willingly risk himself to do what's right, that's one of the key defining traits of a hero. (Final vote: +1 [and a chili dog for Splice])

Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog - I'm a little iffy on this one. Most of her history is basically a lot of fan games that she would be in. Nothing about her childhood, where she's from, etc. Also, her personality is rather lacking and not very clear. I really can't say if she would be hero. At best, I can believe her to be a neutral/good kind of character. (Final vote: 0)

Vexx the Hedgehog  - Yeah, sure. Why not? I mean, his history is kinda tragic, but he does his best to do good for the different time periods. He would have to be quite strong in mind in order to keep from going insane in such a place as the Null Void. I can see him being a hero. I can't help but feel his personality could use some more detail, but it definitely paints a good picture of what he would be like under normal circumstances. (Final Vote: +1)

Neo Tranquil the Fox - Uh, his personality doesn't quite say "hero" to me. "He's shown to want to do the right thing... While he was in his chaotic state, he is shown to be very greedy and to make fun of the weak... learned physics to make his gadgets better and learn better ways to move and steal..." That doesn't say hero to me. The rest of his page didn't convince me otherwise, either. But, I guess he did help Sonic defeat Eggman, so I can't say he hasn't done any good deeds. (Final vote: 0 )

Cyclone the hedgehog - Her personality isn't very heroic. Also, one detail kinda confuses me:

"Unlike Mia the hedgehog Cyclone isn't girly and spoiled and cranky and she never will be. She is a tomboy like Becky.Cyclone likes to explode,attack and destroy practically everything she sees and never takes no for an answer."

It says she isn't spoiled and canky and never will be, but it just said that she likes to explode, attack, and destroy everything she sees and doesn't take "no" for an answer. I dont' know if that's a typo, or if I'm reading it wrong, but it looks like that contradicts itself. Sorry, Cyclone, but you don't really seem like a hero. (Final vote: -1)

Crymson the Cat - Another character I am quite familiar with. Aside from having read this page many times, I also have had first person experience with her in Roleplays. She is definitely a hero (or heroine, as she's female). She's selfless, kind, and always strives to do the right thing. While it is true that her page doesn't necessarily give a list of heroic deeds, I recognize what she has done in several RPs as a good person. She gets my vote. (Final vote: +1)

Bolt the Hedgecat - Eh, not quite. Not really anything that could be used to prove whether he's heroic or not. It just says that he has a cocky and stubborn attitude, but he is athletic, smart, and great with electronics. There really isn't anything here that says "hero" (excluding the category). (Final Vote: -1)

Best Villain

Nega MkII - Interesting character. I never had the chance to play Sonic Colors, so I don't know anything about the original Egg Nega Wisp. Though his personality makes him seem like a worthy candidate for villain, he still appears to be under Dr. Eggman's command. So I'm not sure if he's a true villain, or just another one of Eggman's pawns. Then again, he seems to make his own decision regarding missions and goals. Yeah, I'll give it to him. (Final Vote: +1)

Shapes the Hyena - I must admit, this is one impressive character. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. He's very well written, his powers and personality make sense due to his history, and he is most definitely a villainous character. Definitely a villain worth fearing. (Final Vote: +1)

Nightmare the Lycalo - While not a villain in the traditional sense, I believe Nightmare can qualify for this category. He is really more of a mindless and (literally) bloodthirsty beast than he is a villain bent on hurting others. However, his page is very well done and I think Nightmare can count as a type of villain. (Final Vote: +1)

Darkyle The Hedgehog - While not what I would call a big time villain, he definitly fits the villain description. Then again, I guess a "villain" isn't always someone out for world domination or genocide. Since he has many of the villainous attributes, Darkyle can be called a villain. (Final Vote: +1)

Gladius The Hedgehog - Totally a villain. It's the crazy ones that you don't want to get in a fight with. Not only that, but as the leader of the Black Rose Orphanage he is a true bad guy. (Final Vote: +1)

Avarice The Hedgehog - A very interesting contrast to Gladius' crazyness. But still just as villainous all the same. Greedy, cold, and ruthless, I'd say he's a classic villain. Especially considering he's very calculating in his business. (Final Vote: +1)

Nusquam the Doppleganger (Appearance: Roleplay:Numbered Days) - Given his history, I'd say he's a villain. However, it would be nice to know what powers he does have left now that he had been striped of most of them. And his personality would have been good to have too. I think his page needs more info added, but it has enough info to let me know that he is a villain. (Final Vote: +1)

Hamaveck the Hateful - That's a lot of info to take in. Considering his personality, history, and love of making other's suffer, I'd say he's a sadistic villain. He seems to be a bit overpowered, but at least there's a logical reason behind it. (Final Vote: +1)

Best Anti-Hero

Neo Tranquil the Fox - I remember him from the Best Hero category. He fits the Anti-hero role better. (Final Vote: +1)

Subzero - I'm neutral with this one. I mean, he could be an anti-hero, but he seems more of a neutral character to me. He doesn't look like the kind of guy to do the right thing. He seems to be more of the guy who wants to prove himself the best warrior of them all. (Final Vote: 0)

Gideon the Moose - Very detailed page. However, I don't really see him as an anti-hero. It could be because I don't feel like there is enough info on his page to convince me of that, and I haven't had the chance to see him in Roleplays for myself. So, I will remain neutral towards him. (Final Vote: 0)

Panzyr the Destroyer - He seems more like an anti-villain to me because he doesn't show any heroic traits or goals, but doesn't attack innocent people unless provoked. Even though his article is well done, I don't think this is the category for him. (Final Vote: -1)

Freeze A. Aerion - Yeah, I think this guy qualifies as an anti-hero. (Final Vote: +1)

Best Anti-Villain

Fotiagos Imperium - Yeah, I'd say he's a very well done anti-villain. (Final Vote: +1)

Procurator Knight - I'm neutral about this one. I mean, he could be an anti-hero, but he could just be a neutral character that will do anything to complete his one goal. (Final Vote: 0)

Nyx the Wolf - Definitly an anti-villain. (Final Vote: +1)

Static Nega - Can't vote for him, but he's a work in progress. I hope to finish him up soon.

Ethelia The Hedgehog - She gets my vote. While she is an enemy of Splice, her page also shows that she may not be evil at heart. I guess that can be what counts towards an anti-villain. (Final Vote: +1)

Rodney the Genet - Hmmmm. I can't really say he's an anti-villain. I mean, sure he's donating large sums of money to the bad guys, but he thinks they're good people and all the money's for charity, right? I would say that he actually leans towards the good scale. I really think he isn't an anti-villain at all. This is not meant to be an insult or anything, but Rodney seems more like a kind-hearted, but naive individual. (final vote: -1)

Best Picture

Vexx Finished2Nice! (Final Vote: +1)

Erica Being a FriendI'll stay neutral... (Final Vote: 0)

ColeristinaImpressive. (Final Vote: +1)

Fionna the cat sonic riders style by fionna the cat-d6d54zmIt's good, but it doesn't really catch my attention. (F.V: 0)

100pxNot bad. (Final Vote: +1)

Penelope3Ummm.... Neutral. (Final Vote: 0)

Tye New Icon(Final Vote: 0)

Tye The Hedgehog 2013Okay. (Final Vote: +1)

QoClubsVERY Impressive! (Final Vote: +1)

Crymson 3Also highly impressive. (Final Vote: +1)

EliseI'm not really an Elise fan... (Final Vote: 0 )

Lycalo avi*shrugs* I like it. (Final Vote: +1)

Louis and Furret KalosAww! That is the cutest Furret I've ever seen! (F.V: +1)

HiyaDoesn't catch my attention. (Final Vote: 0)

600px-Fionna teh cat - CopyI think the art is impressive. (Final Vote: +1)

Fionna by 1feellikeamonster-d6echk6Not as good as the first pic of Fionna. (Final Vote: 0 )

VayEh. I think it's pretty good. (Final Vote: +1)

Thunder and LightningImpressive Drawing. (Final Vote: +1)

Smash and LunaNot bad. (Final Vote: +1)

StatyxbyTrinitySkyeWow. Whoever did this pic, I want them to do one for me! (Final Vote: +1)

SilkYeah, it's pretty good. (Final Vote: +1) 

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