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  • Frost the Wolf

    Okay, um, I've never really taken art requests before, but I've been thinking about doing some more drawing as a past-time. I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself, BUT I'm slow when it comes to finishing drawings. If you do make a request, please expect it to take months before I finally finish it and find a way to post it.

    Just a few "rules" (more like requests) about asking me to do a picture for you:

    1) I PREFER that there is already an existing picture of the character you want me to draw. This makes it a little easier for me when I'm drawing the character as I have a visual reference to refer to.

    2) Don't ask for a request if you aren't willing to wait around a while. Like I said, it may take me MONTHS before I finally finish.

    3) Please d…

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  • Frost the Wolf

    Frost here. This is my blog for what my votes are concerning the SFW 2013 Summer awards. This years summer awards are being hosted by Smash the Echidna, so you know that this is going to be a good contest. Since this is my first voting blog, I'll do my best to be fair with each and every entry. If possible, I'll explain why I give each article a certain vote.

    Well, let's get started!

    Vallum the Margay - Even though his history is blank, his Personality and Abilities section say more than enough for me. Truly a character deserving of honor and hero status. While it would be nice to see a list of his deeds, I can see him being a great hero. (Final Vote: +1)

    Shimmer the Hedgehog - *Gawking in surprise* No. Just.... no. There are way too many thi…

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  • Frost the Wolf

    Zorovar's Dragon.

    April 27, 2013 by Frost the Wolf

    So, I need to ask a quick question to everyone who knows Zorovar. As you might have figured out by now, he has a pet dragon. However, I have failed to come up with a good name for him. Would anyone like to give any suggestions? Suggestions for the dragon's appearance, abilities, etc. are also welcome. Any constructive critisism and questions are welcome, too.

    Here's a quick description of the dragon:

    When full sized, the dragon is about three hundred feet long from head to tail and about 60-75 feet tall. His tail is estimated to be about 50 feet long. He is a deep purplish black color with golden accents along the wings and sides. His mouth is large enough to fit a large crowd of people and possibly some cars and a bus. He has a lot of sharp…

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  • Frost the Wolf

    Okay, so I'm seeing a lot of new roleplays being created by a wide variety of people. Nothing wrong with that. However, I would like to point out that some of the users I know are creating a bunch of RPs one after the other. While all the newer roleplays are getting a decent abount of attention, some of their older roleplays are now pratically lying dormant and on hold. So, is it possible that we may be creating too many roleplays to keep up with?

    Here is a list of some of the RPs that have either stopped or greatly slowed down.

    The 12 Days of Christmas

    Breaking the Crimson Flow of Rage

    Caught in a Cross-Fire

    Where It All Began

    When Gnomes Attack!!!

    Nightmare in Station Square

    Birthday Crash! (I'm not 100% sure if this RP has slowed down or not)


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  • Frost the Wolf

    User Name Change

    April 14, 2013 by Frost the Wolf

    Okay, so I have been thinking about changing my user name to something else. However, I don't want to create an entirely new account. But, I would like to ask anyone who knows me if I should change my user name, or keep it as is. The name I was thinking about changing it to was "StaticShok". So go ahead and post your comments and reasons as to whether or not you think I should change my name. Thank you for your time!

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