Ok, the name says it all. Ages ago, the wiki was almost split in two by the decision, on the part of the administration team at the time, to remove all articles that they felt weren't meant for this wiki, like Pokemon, Digimon, and attacks from other series. Recently, there has been a discussion between a number of users who were against that move, and due to the democratic side of this wiki, decided to ask you to vote on whether or not to bring the articles back, with restrictions. These were thought of by Kagimizu for the most part, with a few other ideas that I've thrown in. I'll have it say "Kagi thinks" and "Flash thinks", so you know who came up with what.

Individual characters belonging to a different series (Naruto Uzumaki, Ash's Pikachu, etc) should not have articles. However, fandom individuals of a certain species (like Kagi's Blaziken, Mew, and Lucario articles) be allowed, but only if they have set ties to one's Sonic fandom, such as belonging to a person's character, interacting with another's character(s), or living in an area in one's fandom. Pokémon and Digimon that are "Mobianized" should be allowable (individual based on species, just like charas based on cats, dogs, and the like), while individuals Mobianized (like Naruto, Ichigo, etc.) should have discernable differences from their canon, non-Sonic counterparts.

In terms of techniques, Kagi believe that only techniques that are possible for multiple people/characters to learn (like Flamethrower, a common Pokémon move) should be allowed. In addition, anything less than what the Flamethrower article was should be considered under construction, and heavily worked on to discern it as more than a copy of an article from a different wiki. Moves unique to individuals (like a Digimon's attack, which are unique to a certain species, jinchuuriki techniques, or moves like Getsuga Tensho) should not be on here, as they belong to strictly to a certain species, group, or individual that already exists in a franchise.

For a Kekki Gennai like the Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or even that bone thing used by Kimimaro, a family that the trait is passed down through must be picked. For example, Flash made the Knuckles Clan the primary users of the Sharingan. Once that is set, then only people from that family can directly inherit that ability and use it to it's full potential, the others have to be given it or have it stolen. And yes, that could also change the genetic structure, so you may end up with multiple families, all with the Sharingan if you wished. The two families Flash and his friends have given powers are the Knuckles Clan, as mentioned above, and the Mephiles Dynasty, who for the most part have to be transformed to use the Byakugan, the one that family has.

The Elemental Kekki Gennai, like Wood Release, Boil Release, Dust Release, etc. are all being made into Advanced Elements, so anybody can use them, as long as they can use at least on, or both as in most cases, of the two base elements, while Hidden Techniques and most other abilities are added to the element under which they best fit.

These are the main criteria set for if they actually do return. Now, as for the poll itself, just say which side you agree with, and then I'll add you to that field. Users active for a few days, anons and returning users votes WILL NOT COUNT. This is for the active community, so there has to have been regular edits for at least two weeks, or at least have had edits in that time frame. The poll finishes February 1st, so get your votes in before then!

For all: Flashfire212, Kagimizu, Wh!te$tar, SHADOW, Draon029, Smash, Tails6000, Ryushusupercat, RandomFlab 2, Nero

For characters: Guyviroth

For techniques: Sonicfan919

Against all:

UPDATE! - The date has been brought forward to next Tuesday, the 18th. This is due to a miscalculation on my part, with the change happening a week before I return to school, the time I'm going to be living, breathing and probably sleeping in homework. Get your votes in, because change is in your hands.

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