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OK; this is the first big thing I'm doing on Character Adoption since 2015. It's a very dated page and system; so there's going to be a lot of back-end stuff changing on my end. Don't worry, though! All your basic functions will remain, but here is my current list of thoughts. New additions will be in BOLD.

Proposed Character Adoption rules

  • All users are allowed to put characters up for adoption; without requiring permission.
  • Adoption will be performed via a Request page, rather than through comments. Once approved, your adoptions will be listed on a userspace subpage attached to your user page, with direct linking from the Adoption registry.
  • In the unlikely event that two or more users have an interest in a character; then both users will provide the direction they intend for the character, and the one deemed better will receive the character in a form of content auction.
  • Characters adopted with established pages must meet standards within a 14 day protected period.
  • Character adoption limit set to five per week, as many pages get adopted and then never worked on.
  • Redlink pages must be created within 14 days, otherwise they will be returned to the pool.
  • Further adoptions can be restricted based off user's adoption history on here, with returned redlinks and pages not meeting standards liable to block or limit the request approval.

Other likely changes

  • Layout change! Because the page is getting too large, adoptions will be moved to subpages attached to your userpages, while the main page itself will be set on a tabber; leaving you with multiple separate tabs to browse. Categories for these tabs are still being decided but are likely to be split along species phenotypes; current idea is mammals, birds, reptiles, arthropods and a section for other, as well as robots. Redlinks will be placed into an extra tab as well.
  • Adopted characters will be marked with a temporary Adopted template; primarily for admin and critique use. After the grace period, the page will be reviewed by either an admin or an approved reviewer, with appropriate action taken from there depending on the amount of content on the page.

Considered changes

  • Featured adoptables? If it's a feature people want to see, I might do it. One of my normal basic adoptable page templates highlighted for a week or two, with the direction and content "auction" rule coming into play from there.

So, what's the opinions? No matter what, the major changes will be going through as of MAY 1, meaning that all currently adopted pages will have 14 days to meet standards from that point. Furthermore, I want the Character Adoption system to be more dynamic, so if you have suggestions; I'd love to hear 'em so that we can consider further additions or features for you guys.