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  • Flashfire212

    OK; this is the first big thing I'm doing on Character Adoption since 2015. It's a very dated page and system; so there's going to be a lot of back-end stuff changing on my end. Don't worry, though! All your basic functions will remain, but here is my current list of thoughts. New additions will be in BOLD.

    • All users are allowed to put characters up for adoption; without requiring permission.
    • Adoption will be performed via a Request page, rather than through comments. Once approved, your adoptions will be listed on a userspace subpage attached to your user page, with direct linking from the Adoption registry.
    • In the unlikely event that two or more users have an interest in a character; then both users will provide the direction they intend for…

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  • Flashfire212

    Flash's Characters

    August 7, 2015 by Flashfire212

    OK, this is mostly a list for User blog:Flashfire212/Ask Flash's Characters!

    Don't blame me for the length, or for the quality of pages beyond this point. There are monsters out there. You have been warned. Similarly to Smash, these have been organized by species. Unlike Smash, I don't have sprites for everything. This list also includes the characters created by SallyGirl using my characters, or at least the ones I have taken and updated to my standards at the time.

    • Blackmoon the Hedgehog
    • Blackwater the Hedgehog
    • Bolt the Hedgehog
    • Cloud the Hedgehog (Moebian counterpart)
    • Frost the Hedgehog
    • Pyris the Hedgehog (Moebian counterpart)
    • Tobias Aerona (Col'nesian counterpart)
    • Georgi the Hedgehog
    • Harvey the Hedgehog
    • Laura the Hedgehog
    • Leeg the Hedgehog
    • Lei the …

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  • Flashfire212

    Ok, I'm getting in on this old bandwagon. I know that the time for all this has probably sailed, and I'm not that well known a person around this wiki as I used to be. Maybe that will change, maybe it won't. Only time will tell.

    Since I've created more characters than I've ever used in roleplays or stories, I figured that this would be one of the easiest ways for me as an author to flesh out some of these more threadbare, cliched characters, as well as give me targets for updating. As for characters to ask... try User blog:Flashfire212/Flash's Characters. It's every single character I have on the wiki with a page, or at least all of the ones in my personal category.

    Now, as a side-note, do not judge me for any poor quality articles. I've bee…

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  • Flashfire212

    I'm Not Dead Yet

    April 10, 2015 by Flashfire212

    Well, firstly - I am not, and have never been, dying. Just clarifying.

    Hi there, new denizens! I am Flashfire212, one of the many admins of this site. I'll give a brief rundown of me here, since my userpage is about four years out of date. Or was, before I removed most of the content.

    Now, to start - I'm 21 in May, and I'm a third year university student, based out of Melbourne, Australia. Yes, that means I'm online at weird times, no, that does not mean I will sit in chat at weird times. I cosplay - every now and then I'll upload bits and pieces to here, but don't expect much Sonic stuff at the moment, too much hassle to make a fursuit, and I've got one costume that I swore to do all year, so no gijinka this year.

    Anywho, I'm a gaming and mu…

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  • Flashfire212

    Yes, this is because Skull started a blog like this. No, it's not me trying to steal his thunder. It's more me trying to find other things to do with my time - other worthwhile things, and part of that is working with a specific skill of mine - my ability to write, my ability to create, and my ability to read and evaluate. In other words, I'm willing to help you out with anything wiki-wise, and potentially other things (although they would require discussion.) Got a character you want reviewed or enhanced? Fanfics, roleplay concepts and introductions, techniques, equipment, weaponry, vehicles. I'll review anything, and come back with anything I feel needs to be altered.

    Just as a note, I will NOT include the art on the page as part of my re…

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