Now this is a bit early perhaps (though depending on circumstances I may start early) but I'd like to keep a list of people around and get an information hub going. This will be where I keep a list of people that will be taking part in Elly's story, and where other things like the timeline, location, and story aspects can be discussed if desired.

To refresh, I'm planning on telling Elly's story in chapters of roleplays that I'll be doing with people. If I'm coming to you about such a story chances are you know what kind of standards should be expected when roleplaying with me (if not, just look at the rules for Unrest in Sakoku), but I feel a few extra points should be noted.

  1. These are, for the most part, one on one roleplays. If a slightly bigger group roleplay is desired by certain members, it can be done, but I won't go past a 4 roleplayer group for the purposes of this. 
  2. While these are one on one (or slightly more than that) roleplays, YOU MAY USE AS MANY OF YOUR CHARACTERS AS YOU WISH. Elly is basically travelling and interacting with your slice of the fanonverse as a whole. So don't feel restricted to a single character. To elaborate: since she'll simply be in your slice of the fanonverse it might be expected that many characters are met. It might not, too, but food for thought.
  3. Whether these are slice of life or action like roleplays is up to you and your own fanonverse. However, take note that in the end, Elly has to leave and move on ;w; However, more chapters with your characters can of course be done in the future. 
  4. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS CANON FOR ELLY AND PREFERABLY FOR YOUR CHARACTERS UNLESS YOU WISH FOR IT TO BE OTHERWISE. And on that note if it is uncanon for you it'll still be canon for Elly, if only in a truncated form (a la "Elly did this this one time with a group of people and got X)
  5. I am flexible when it comes to the means of roleplaying. As in, I don't mind if we use this wiki, if we use another forum, etc. However, given the nature of these roleplays and the ambition I will tackle each with, they should preferably be done in forum, paragraph format. You've seen Unrest, expect about that amount of writing for a person's turn unless you want to discuss doing it another way. If its a problem, don't worry, I'm flexible, again~
  6. Please discuss with me if you're planning something drastic (i.e. killing a character) because while I wish to deem all of this canon there will obviously be problems for the other chapters if say Elly is killed by Eviledge the SFWhog. 
  7. For those that are still under consideration, I am looking for three things mainly when selecting the partners. One is character quality; if your characters are good then it's more likely that I'll accept. Another is compatibility with this established fanonverse. Your character could be really good and still not fit for this if they're, say, a human Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist who happens to be a Roman emperor and also plays soccer against aliens in the year 300X.. Yeah. The third thing I am looking for is roleplay ability. Most people with good characters are also able to construct good stories, so the first thing is usually an indicator to me of this thing, but I will still look through roleplays and gauge your ability. If you make the cut in the end, I'll let you know.

Okay, now that we have over 8 confirmed chapters, the next thing I want to do here is sort them out chronologically, if possible. The points at which Elly meets certain people are rather critical, since she will be shaped by her interactions. To sort things out a bit more simply, I'm going to make a list of points in the timeline of Elly's growth as a character, so that you guys can have a better understanding of each part's impact.

  1. The very beginning of her travels. At this point, Elly is new to the outside world entirely, she doesn't have much experience, and her fighting power is only as high as her previous training has made it. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PART OF HER GROWTH. The interactions here shape what she thinks of the outside world: whether she feels like the outside world is a safe place that friends can be made in, or a terrifying place that she needs to avoid, mostly comes down to this first meeting. Whoever picks this part of the timeline will end up shaping a lot of Elly's mannerism towards the foreign. 
  2. Pre-awakening training and interaction. This broader part of her timeline is about what Elly does before the events of a roleplay that already has a semi-specific point in the timeline. At this point, Elly has newly conceived notions of the outside world, and she's striving to improve herself. It is likely that she will want to explore new frontiers. Treasure hunts would also likely happen in this part of the timeline, though they could in others too. This may be a part where slice of life is done as well. It is important however that some training be done in this part. Finally, this can be a part where a lot of Elly's negative quirks (like her need to horde and her starving state) are explored more.
  3. Control crisis. This is a space where I'd like to do a chapter focussing on her draconic curse. This would likely have Elly starring as an unwilling villain of sorts. 
  4. Awakening. This is a part where Elly will discover a new power to tap into. This part of the roleplay has been locked in place, and is the first chapter with Memphis the light.
  5. Post-awakening interaction. This part is after the events of the previously mentioned locked chapter. At this point, Elly will have a bit more confidence, and be significantly stronger than she was prior. At this point she could be considered ready to handle most foes. Chapters in this part might be about dealing with bigger and badder threats than before, since now she has the ability to face them. It can be about making peace with herself, her race's situation, and perhaps with certain others.. More dangerous treasures can now be hunted as well, but this section of the timeline has room for slice of life, certainly. She may revisit people in this part.
  6. TOP SECRET. This is another locked in place chapter that happens after some post-awakening interaction (though it could possibly happen right after, as well). This one will be dealing with a very major threat that she feels strong responsibility for. This is the first chapter with Smash the Echidna.
  7. Post-TOP SECRET and onwards. Likely, all of the previous chapters will have been finished before the events of the top secret chapter. As such, this will be a revisiting period for those that want to, maybe wildcard space for those that still want to do roleplays with Elly but hadn't before for whatever reason. At this point she's at or near the top of her game. She will still be doing additional training, since she wouldn't be able to stay at the top of her game without it. No treasure is safe from Elly now, as well. At this point she will have found a permanent place to settle down (read: to keep her things in, most likely). This may also be the point where Elly more readily enters tournaments, though she would at times before.

Now that I've explained the simple parts of the timeline, it'll be up to you and I to determine your place in it. I will make sure that the roleplays are evenly spread out (only one person gets to be the beginning of course, and the others will be evenly spread through the timeline until the end since that's wildcard space). If you have any questions about this, let me know <3

I'm gonna put a preliminary timeline here, which will definitely be edited as more people contest for spots/more places are filled in general. I'll be doing no specifics for plot, here, not until they're all fleshed out in any case.

  • After leaving Sakoku, Elly meets with the nearby Orochi clan, hearing from someone previously that refugees were cared for by them.
  • Elly makes her way to Frightmare Woods (or other place) to meet up with Knockout the Wolf, but doesn't know specifically how to get there. She meets someone (one of Monk's characters, likely Monk himself) on the way.
  • Elly eventually finds Knockout, and they meet.
  • Elly is dragged into something by Vexx the Timewalker.
  • Messina has a standoff with GUN.
  • Elly joins a group (of Smash's characters) for something.

I may add more to the above in the future, but without further ado, the list is below! I will add names to the list once they confirm in the comments below. And in the comment strings we can discuss if you want to there. We can come up with chapter names in the comments, or some other time. 



  • TheDarkMantis15
  • HauntedAlchemist
  • Monk the Cat
  • TheSkullWolf
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • TheDarkGenesis
  • Nikki-Kaji
  • Smash the Echidna
  • Memphis the light

The others are under consideration currently~

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