• I live in Stoney Creek, Ontario
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Airman
  • E-113:Xi

    I'm Done

    June 2, 2013 by E-113:Xi

    For the past month or so, I've been horribly busy due to circumstances IRL (most of which being school work). Because of this, I've been unable to visit the wiki at all, really. I figured that once finals were over with, I'd be able to make up for lost time during summer break. However, in this particular period of extended absence, I realized something important, something different than when I took my break over half a year ago: I didn't miss it. Last time, I left because of stress, and once I'd calmed down, I was drawn back. This past month, I was just doing other things, and I didn't mind not being here. I didn't want to come back. That being said, I've come to a crucial decision, which I've luckily found the time to inform you of.

    I th…

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  • E-113:Xi

    I think most of us are aware by now of the recent Confidence Call against Kagimizu. Well I've been examining that call and its aftermath very closely for a few days now. Though I agree with its end, I don't believe that the means were very just. I'll get straight to the point, and say that I want to make some changes to the Policy regarding Corruption/Confidence calls which will hopefully ensure that these go much more smoothly in the future.

    Any admin or bureaucrat may be called out by a user of the community for either Corruption or Confidence. Corruption will apply when the authority figure in question has broken a policy/policies. Confidence will apply when the community believes the authority figure in question is no longer capable of …

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  • E-113:Xi

    And Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate a different joyous occasion.

    I just wanted to wish you all the best today, as such a time leaves me happiness and so much more to share. With a brand new WiiU under my belt and a glorious shirt sporting the eccentricities of NYLOCKE! DRAGON OF THE COLD STEEL! among other things, along with more to come later tonight... needless to say I'm in a very good mood. I hope you all had similar success this year, and may there be much more joy to come!

    Next up, New Year's...

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  • E-113:Xi

    The Neo Stellar Royale!!

    November 24, 2012 by E-113:Xi

    Come, come, one and all!

    A grand event that welcomes users of all sorts is about to unfold!

    Ready yourselves, your characters, and your skills,

    For this moment marks the beginning of the


    Yes, that's right folks. The big event I mentioned in my return /update blogs is finally ready. "But what exactly is this event?" you ask. Well, for the third time, it's the Neo Stellar Royale!!



    Heh heh... more specfically, this event is a tournament of epic proportions, open to the entire wiki for participation. Registration starts right here, right now. There are 32 available slots, and each person only gets one participating character*, so you'd best be quick. However, this does not mean that entry is on a first-come-fir…

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  • E-113:Xi

    Brief Update

    November 13, 2012 by E-113:Xi

    So, as many of you now know, I've returned to the wiki temporarily. Since I was somewhat vague in my last blog detailing said return, I'm going to go over a few things here.

    First and foremost, the big project I mentioned. If you haven't read my last blog, I have a very big event in the works. Unfortunately I've come across a few setbacks in the organization. Long story short, it's going to take longer to set up than I had initially planned. Fret not, though, for I will have it ready as soon as possible.

    Next, as far as other activity goes, I'm making a few changes. Until my project is launched I will be mostly working on creating pages. I want to get a head start this time, so I don't fall behind like I did before. Also, in regards to rolep…

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