Welcome one, welcome all to the SFW Summer Awards 2018!

Pretty crazy how fast this year's going right? It felt like we just ended the Winter awards not too long ago! Anyway, I'm Darkest Shadow, and I'm taking back my role as the rightful host of this season! So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!


The SFW Awards is a contest that opens up once every summer and winter. (Spring and Autumn used to be a thing, but we decided to drop them recently. (the latter never worked out anyway.)) There are multiple categories in which you can enter a character or other such page to compete in.

There are regularly three phases to the SFW Awards: The Nomination phase, the Voting phase, and the Tiebreaker Phase. In the Nomination Phase, users fill up the categories with characters and pages to compete for the top. In the Voting Phase, everyone throws in their votes for whoever they believe is worthy of a point, and against anyone they deem unfitting for the award. People can vote for or against multiple nominees at a time. In the Tiebreaker Phase, people vote to break any ties made in the Voting phase. Any nominee who makes it to the Tiebreaker Phase and loses is awarded a Runner-up prize instead.

Winners of the SFW Awards will be granted a Medal on the top of their pages.

Emerald Trophy Voted Best Award for Summer 2018!

Silver Trophy Voted Runner Up for Summer 2018!

Nomination Rules

  1. Users are allowed to make three self-nominations per category. No exceptions.
  2. As always, we will post our nominations for each category in the comments. While nominating your own characters/pages are allowed, it's strongly encouraged that you nominate things made by others.
  3. Users have the right to deny their articles from being nominated by others.
  4. All nominations must have a page, and it must meet standards. Exceptions are made for nominations such as weapons, items, attacks/skills, which can be part of a list on a bigger page. I will NOT accept sub-standard pages. (If I happen to miss one up until the voting round, it will be disqualified once discovered.)
  5. No Canon Content. This is a Fanon Wiki, and such, we don't need to award any canon characters for their feats.
  6. Certain Categories are split in two. During the final round, both halves will be voted against each other. Only one will win them both, but the runner-up still gets a winning award for his/her respective half.
  7. Any winning article of a certain category cannot re-enter said category again. The only exceptions are Best Character (must have won Best Male/Female, but not the Best Character award to enter,) and those who have only won a runner-up in said category.
  8. A category MUST have a minimum of four nominations in order to pass into the Voting Phase. If it fails to meet these requirements, the category will be dropped and all the nominations inside will be disqualified.
  9. After all current nominations are tallies, All New Nominations MUST be posted in a new comment.' 'DO NOT REPLY TO OLD COMMENTS WITH UPDATES AND/OR ADDITIONAL NOMINATIONS. 

Nominations have been extended to June 30th due to a lack of nominations! 

Voting has been extended to September 9th due to a lack of voters! I'm sensing a pattern here tbh

Best Hero

  1. Kennedy the Chaos Tiger
  2. Jim the Dog
  3. Kibo the Wolf
  4. Aegis the Cheetah
  5. Vendeta the Hedgehog
  6. Spikes the Hedgehog
  7. Yuki The Hedgehog
  8. Vihn Kasigira the Spaniel
  9. General Nibutu

Best Neutral

  1. Chloe-Su the Echidna
  2. Sneer the Hedgehog
  3. Saturn the Wolf
  4. Raven the Cyberhog (Nexus Ultimatum)
  5. Zagan the Gravebringer

Best Villain

  1. Luna the Bunny
  2. Kable the Fox
  3. Tel-Eth
  4. Aeon the Hedgehog
  5. ---

Best Character


  1. Mackenzie the Tiger
  2. Lee Prower
  3. Tranq the Hedgeguin
  4. Kibo the Wolf
  5. Vendeta the Hedgehog
  6. Disco The HedgeFox
  7. Vihn Kasigira the Spaniel
  8. Smash The Echidna
  9. Skid the Hedgehog


  1. Reens the Hedgehog
  2. Scarlet the Fox
  3. Kimara the Ferret
  4. Sigma the American Mink
  5. Aegis the Cheetah
  6. Azmaria the Hedgehog

Best Character Design


  1. Xavis Ignis
  2. Jim the Dog
  3. Raynard the Vampire Bat
  4. Zagan the Gravebringer
  5. Static the Cat
  6. Kibo the Wolf
  7. Carson the Hedgehog
  8. Christopher the Wolf


  1. Neapolitan the Cat
  2. Lilac "Rosebud" Wood
  3. Aegis the Cheetah
  4. Magnolia Sinclair
  5. Scarlet the Fox
  6. Glacier Von Fang
  7. Kyxen the Lynx
  8. Keira Reborn
  9. Saturn the Wolf

Best Speaker

  1. Terra the Ocelot "There are people who've died because they didn't have that ability, and here you are, using it for your playtime. How immature."
  2. Alexia the Hedgehog "Don't be, Lee. I know how terrible it feels to feel useless. Ever since I found my new home, that's all I've been, really. But no matter how much you wish how you could've done this, or should've done that... well, that's why life goes on, right? It wouldn't be all that great if he only got one chance... but that's not the case. I know that there a times where I am all but useful to my friends. But I can't spend all of my time in a fetal position, crying about how I can't do anything. I have to get better. And considering that you're already better than me in that regard based on what I've seen, Lee, I think that you have so much potential. So don't beat yourself up, okay? Not just for your sake, but also for mine, and Kennedy's, and everyone else's."
  3. Tel-Eth "Tell me something, Ion. If you had the chance to bring back everything you lost, to correct all your mistakes, would you? What would you do to correct them? Don't tell me you wouldn't do anything to fix things. The ones who stand against us, these Savours, act like they're a force for good. All they're doing is keeping us in a nightmare reality when utopia is moments away. We have reality in the palm of our hands. We can fix everything that you could not, no, would not. Do you still believe we are evil, Ion?"
  4. Birgitte the Dog "Don't you think I know what I've done to myself?! Don't you think I understand the price I've paid?! I was never able to run and play with other kids when I was younger; as an adult I was locked into a dead-end desk job that barely payed my bills, because there was nothing else out there for a f***ing cripple! I hate his guts, but I owe him my livelihood. He's the reason I haven't offed myself years ago. He's the reason I'm alive."
  5. Splice The Hedgehog "No. I'm not running anymore. If we keep running, they'll keep chasing. Nothing will change unless we take a stand!"

Best Location

  1. Wingstrong Orphanage
  2. Carda-Ko
  3. Azima
  4. Hidden Emerald Dimension

Best Item

  1. Chronosabre
  2. Destiny & Fate
  3. The Silver Soul
  4. Rageblade
  5. J-94 Dragon Maw

Best Fan Project

  1. A Different Kind of Normal
  2. Unity/Chapter 1: Home Bitter Home
  3. Apocalypses Are Boring
  4. After You'd Remember
  5. Cosmic Reboot
  6. Rage Against the Empire
  7. Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage
  8. The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future
  9. Protocol Cy-Fox v1.0

Best Picture


Let the voting begin!

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