aka Leo, Blazing, Leopard, Michael

  • I live in Southern England
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Professional Ginger
  • I am a leopard. And I'm also on fire. Halp.
  • BlazingLeopard

    An Update

    April 15, 2018 by BlazingLeopard

    Whew... Boi, it's been a while, hasn't it? So, where do I start...?

    Well, to anyone new here: hi, I'm BlazingLeopard, Blazing, Leopard, Leo or just Michael, an English guy who used to write stuff here for fun. To those who've been here a while and wondering why I disappeared... again: I have my reasons, which I'm not willing to disclose. It's not to do with anyone on here though, I'll allow you to know that much.

    As to whether or not I'll be coming back... I'm not sure. I just don't feel it anymore. Edging more towards not coming back, to be completely honest with everyone.

    I've just realised that this blog post is a repeat of this one from late 2016. Anyway... I just thought I'd pop in. Let you guys know that I'm still alive.

    But yeah, like I…

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  • BlazingLeopard

    Surprise! I'm voting again this year. I bet you didn't expect that this year, did'ya? You did? Well, shit...

    Anyways, onto the voting!

    • Reens the Hedgehog - During this event last year, I said that an expansion on her history and personality would be nice and gave her a neutral vote. One year on (because I skipped the Winter Awards), I see there's been a revamp. A pretty good revamp, I might add. +1
    • Zaffre Fylloma the Koala - Zaffre is a very different kind of hero, at least compared to most. Most deal with things like "the bad guys" and the "Eggmans". He likes to deal with other things that kill people. I like that +1
    • Marissa FireRose - I'm getting the feeling that Marissa and her twin sister's powers were inspired by Iblis and Mephiles. Aside f…

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  • BlazingLeopard

    I thought I'd write a blog and say that I'm back. Like, properly back. I'm done with college and probably not going to uni (unless I find something that could seriously help me), so apart from when I'm at work or having driving lessons, I'm going to have a hell of a lot of free time. I've updated my timetable to show roughly when I'll be on if anyone needs me.

    So, you may be wondering, with all this free time, what do I plan on doing? Well, one thing I'll say for sure is that I want to continue writing. However, I'm not going to just churn it out like I used to do. I'll basically be writing whenever I feel like it. I may also help out with general wiki tidy-up, if need be, though that purge we had a while back got rid of most of the dead st…

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  • BlazingLeopard

    I'm in the future

    January 1, 2017 by BlazingLeopard

    The future is weird. It is very dark outside. Possibly nighttime. I have transported myself to the year 2017. It is very weird. Lots of memes. Too many memes...

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  • BlazingLeopard

    My Activity

    November 18, 2016 by BlazingLeopard

    I'm done sugar coating it. I'm not going to dance around the fact that I am completely and utter bored of this place. Now I've lost interest in writing and that no one goes in the chat, I've got nothing to do here.

    Don't worry, no one's done anything wrong, I'm just bored. Hence why I've been absent for so long. From now on though, at least until I have a purpose here, I'm going to be fairly scarce. I'll pop in, say hi to people, catch up a little bit and then disappear, especially around Christmas. (seriously my Christmas hours at work are absolutely awful)

    I apologise if that was a bit blunt, I'm just saying it as it is. This isn't a goodbye. This is a "I won't be around a lot".

    "Chief, eat your broccoli." "Negative, Infinity. I don't like it…

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