It was a Saturday midnight past one o'clock and most of the dorm's occupants were either asleep, at home, or partying as indicated by the rythmic pounding of electronic bass, Regardless, everyone was occupied and even Yazi's roomate was absent, most likely amidst the revelry and action upstairs. Yazi, the Red Panda boy was concerned with other matters. As a waning moon bleached his bedchambers in a pale white glow, the burgundy bear-cat retrieved a laptop and headset from his desk-drawer. 

After a moment of setup, Yazi clicked away and opened a sound-editing program. After a quick glance to check the lock, the panda pulled down his mic and cleared his throat.

"Yazi Galatean's Seizure Diary: November 23rd...

I had some sort of spasm today at the student's lounge. This marks three weeks since epilepsy mess had started and the first time anything had happened in public. I didn't really have a good gauge of time before it happened, but I was awoken by EMS at around 3:00 PM, so with everyone around,  I can assume that it started at least 20 minutes earlier. Erm...As far as I can tell, this one happened due to sleep exhaustion. It was the day of my calculus final and I had spent most of the night and early morning cramming. Later as I was going down the elevator, It felt like I was going to have one again. I got dizzy, and saw stars everywhere, like when you're about to pass out, but It went away after the doors opened. It was like someone else was trying to shove themselves behind my eyes... or something."

There was a brief pause as Yazi took a moment to continue his entry.

"I woke up laying on the ground with a blood pressure-monitor on my arm. My heart rate had maxed out at about 220, so yeah, the more I learn about this, the scarier it gets. I was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later by my parents."

The panda stopped and saved his entry amidst a folder of sixteen other entries. Even after medicine and doctor visits, it seemed as if his problem worsened.

Before exiting out of the program, Yazi paused and pondered over the wavelengths. With a bit of apprehension, he clicked record once again.

"Finally, these episode have been getting a lot more vivid lately as well. I don't really remember what I saw, but I remember dreaming something in the middle of the seizure. I was semi-conscious too. I could remember a bunch of gasps, some talk, and footsteps, followed by some guy yelling "Ugh, where's the nurse when you need her? I'm still new to all of this, but this is the first time out of over sixteen that I didn't completely black out. I was approached by something, and before I knew it, I was awake. Woozy, but aware. They're getting more dream-like the farther this is going on, so I hope to God this isn't going to mess with my sanity or anything."

Yazi closed his laptop and looked towards the sky. Then suddenly, a spindly wheel-looking thing crossed the moon and blocked out the light for a split second. The bear-cat rubbed his eyes and shook his head, but he was probably just tired. He walked to the front of the room, unlocked the door for his roomate, and fell into his bed. 


So Crossrealm is going to be an open-universe RP/Story that I will create that involves my character Yazi and others (possibly yours if interested) who attend Sterling University or live in the surrounding Rubyheights City. Odd creatures and monsters have been materializing into the real world and even some people have begun exhibiting odd symptoms (See Yazi's epilepsy). Even though they do not realize it at first, these characters find out that people exist as souls on multiple planes of reality at the same time. One of these, the ethereal plane is composed of higher forms of people, both alive and deceased that act as guides, guardians, and even Gods to those on Earth. These beings have begun to play around with this realm, but the higher forms of Yazi and company slowly learn how to defend themselves and even materialize weaponry from these higher planes.

The monsters sent by these entities are near-abominable amalgamations of animals, people, architecture, and even common objects. The highers selves of real people learn things through the eyes of the lower-real self and create beings simply based on what they've seen (as the creatures of the higher plane would not and could not exist on Earth). So, a higher being can generate a monster that is a flying, spinning wheel of fishing rods with a Panther's face on one side and the bumper of a Jeep on the other. The enemies are pure chaos.

I'm looking for people that would want to RP and help me expand this fanon-universe ^^. It would be cool to have at least 4 other characters that fill different roles, so if you're interested, leave a comment and post a character, or a sample/idea of what your persona in this world would be.

Please note that these characters will not start out as their strongest self, but learn more and more as things go on. Still, don't expect your character to be summoning lighning and stopping time or anything that would make monster fights trivial.

I'll upload Yazi's page tomorrow if I get the chance and give more details if it catches on ^^

Working Character/Role Roster

1. Yazi Galatean the Red Panda by Austin Bison ( A support/crowd control/protection oriented protagonist. Has Cosmic/Space-themed powers.)





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