• Artemiscat55

    An Apology.

    June 12, 2011 by Artemiscat55

    So, yeah. Those of you who knew me during my first year on this wiki probably thought I really could have been better. Some of you openly voiced so, and some just plain criticized me. Well, you were right to do so. I'm honestly quite horrified with the way I acted back then, so I have a few major apologies to make..

    First, to Sharna, for putting her through quite a lot of drama and unchecked emotion.

    Second, to Guyviroth, for always ranting at him and getting into fights easily, about the most stupid topics.

    Third, to Gen, Lupe, and Cameron, for acting quite immaturely almost all the time.

    Fourth, to Mizu, Flare, Hunter, Shima, and Ryu, for sometimes taking out my frustrations on them.

    Fifth, to Nikooru and possibly Shima, for making life a lit…

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  • Artemiscat55

    Those of you who located me on youtube must have noticed the dreary lack of uploaded videos.

    NO MORE!

    I downloaded a Lunar Magic SMW level editor (SMW, Super mario World), emulator, and ROM. (don't worry, it's legal, seeing as how I already have a fossilized SNES that only works 20% of the time and never really saves data)

    I'm currently fiddling with my first real level. Fine-tuning it. I may also edit the overworld *no promise there*. Once it's done, I shall figure out who to record onto camera exactly what's on the screen, and then I shall uplaod my playthrough (with my voice in it, yay!) onto youtube for all to see! It shall be titled thus, "Technovice Drake SMW".

    Then shall be put "1:*title of movie whateveritis*".

    I'm so happy. This feels …

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  • Artemiscat55

    New roleplay

    October 4, 2010 by Artemiscat55

    I have a lot of characters who can sing...and they want to! So I was going to make a roleplay where they did that, and you guy's characters commented. Here's how it would work. Heavire?


    Example, please.

    Heavire:For what?

    For the roleplay! It was YOUR idea!

    Heavire:OH right! song?

    By the golden gryphon...Obsidain, please..


    Love in an elevator!

    living it up while I'm going down!
    Love in an elevator!

    Loving it up til' I hit the ground!

    That's how it'd work. I'll put the whole song down, and then you guys edit and put you character's comments in where you want them. Whatcha think?






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  • Artemiscat55

    Couple Pages

    September 8, 2010 by Artemiscat55

    Alrighty, I'm sixk of standing by as of now. Now, normally I wouldn't have such a problem wiht Guy making yet another admins-only decision to destroy something. again. But you know what, half the admins hardly ever/do not even come here anymore, so I see no reason why we (the normal users) Should not get a say in the wikia which we reside in, seeing as how only about...2-3 of our admins/crats are actually active. The onlya ctive ones that come to mind are Ryu, SHima, and Flash. Cameron, is not on very often, nor is J. I rarely see them. Twi is a rarity. Kit doesn't even show anymore. Gen...He doesn't seem to show much, but I suspect that even when he doesn't edit, he's still watching.

    My point being that it's not only you high-an'-mighties t…

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  • Artemiscat55

    Look, Lupe and Gen are hating me for some reason. I don't know what it is. I've tried to please Gen, do as he says, be a nice guy. But he still hates me. Lupe, I've tried to convince I'm not the enemy, that I'm a good guy. But she hates me too. I just want to be thier freinds. I don't want to be hated. And if that means destroying some core part of myself, then I'll go ahead and do it. But I don't want to be hated.

    So. Quick summaries of what you think of me, please. Whatever's wrong with me, I shall target and destroy.

    Be honest.Does no one understand peace? 02:51, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

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