• (zRexx)

    Changing Username

    November 15, 2014 by (zRexx)

    Just so no one is confused, I made this blog post. In a brief moment I will be changing my user name to Z-Rexx. I would have changed it to zRexx but apparently you can't start with lowercase (I will try it though just in case). This to help match the alias that I use for gaming and for most websites.

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  • (zRexx)

    Future RP Idea

    July 24, 2014 by (zRexx)

    So I came up with this idea for an RP the other night. I plan to start it sometime in the near future, perhaps in a month or two. I'm looking for participants, so please leave a comment if you want to be a part of Uber Battle Arena (name subject to change)


    A cybernetic alien warlord known as Lord Nexus arrives at Mobius with a space fleet and takes over the world with a seemingly unstoppable army. He then kidnaps a handful of the planet's best warriors to engage in a battle of the epics. The chosen combatants are placed into one of two teams (RED or BLUE) for an all-out Deathmatch, the objective being to detonate the opposing teams crystal at their home base. The remaining team then dukes it out in a free for all till only one survivo…

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