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Feeling Alone and Ignored...(why am I even still here?)

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"I know who i am, and I love myself, I have flaws, but every rose has thorns, pluck those thorns you kill the rose no?"

About me

I'm 24 and since I was a child I've loved SEGA and the Sonic The Hedgehog series. As of Recently I've absolutely fallen in love with Blaze The Cat and Shade The Echidna. I adore Sonic Rush with great passion. My other interests are RPGs, Listening to Music, Anime, Drawing, and meeting new people. I'm also a hopeless romantic and an aspiring Videogame charcter Designer. I hope to one day be a video game charcter Designer. I also love Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, Shin Megami Tensei Series(and all spin offs) Wario, Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Grandia and Digimon. My other Interests are Music and Poetry(I write poetry yes I'm a guy...), I'm very emotionally deep and sensitive, however I love to have fun I'm not a downer for the most part. My favorite Bands are: Smile Empty Soul, Within Temptation, Three Days Grace, Mudvayne, Panic At The Disco, Disturbed and Slipknot.

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Nick Names you can call me






Jamie(girls only)

Yume-kun(means "Dream boy" in Japanese)

MMO Games I play

(sites will be listed Below)

(I also play Monster Forest but most likely no one on here is old enough to play it nor would feel safe playing it cuz they ask for you social security number.)

Screen Names for Messengers

(please let me know before trying to add me since in past I added a hacker account cuz i was gullible and had to get a new pc cuz he gave me viruses >.<)

MSN/Windows Live Messenger:

AIM: HollowEyes23


Skype: moon_phoenix23


[|Team Aura]

thumb|300px|right|This is how my life usually feels when I meet someone who claims to care

thumb|300px|right|This song gets my emotions flowing once more

Other Fan Characters

Blight was on this page but i felt it was better if he was put on the characters page.

See My other characters here:[[1]]

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