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Hello, the name's Erica Sakura! Hero of Game World and Toon City resident. This is my profile. So...yeah.

Stuff About Me!

  • I live in a city of video games, called Game World. It is a city that joins to universes of various video games, and in the center, there is an area called "Video Square"; the place where these universes come together.
    • Starman Apartment, the apartment complex in which I live, is located in Video Square.
    • Game World became part of Toon City a while back. Don't ask how any of that works...
  • I live in an apartment with my two best friends: Punk the Pikachu and Aqua the Guinea Pig. Due to our good deeds, we don't have to pay rent, but we still split other expenses.
    • We've added Veil, but she seems to like camping out on the balcony for some reason, and there are days where she just kind disappears for a while...
  • I may not have always been playing video games, but I have been watching the Pokemon anime since I was around two. My favorite character has always been Ash Ketchum, and I hate it how everyone hates him!
    • Speaking of Pokemon, I met my friends at a showing of the first movie. After the movie, we had our first playdate, and we've been friends ever since!
  • I tend to be a fangirl.
  • My favorite YouTubers are PeanutButterGamer, MatPat, and TheJWittz.
  • My favorite Sonic FC is Nora Kouba. She's very inspiring.
  • I hate being called unoriginal. Nobody has called me this yet, but they better not!
  • My favorite color is pink and I like cute stuff, but I myself am not very girly. I'm too busy with video games and adventure to be girly!
    • Besides, pink used to be a guy color anyway, so that kinda supports it.
  • I don't like swearing. I prefer clean mouths!
  • I like reading video game trivia on "Did You Know Gaming?".
  • I'm single, so I don't have a boyfriend. Also, guys don't fall in love with me; I usually start fangirling (not necessarilly full blown crushing) over guys from my favorite games.
  • My last name, "Sakura", is the Japanese word for "cherry blossom". This is a reference to the fact that the plant I bear is the cherry fruit.
  • I am a WereSeedrian, meaning I become half animal on occasion. I also get stronger and earn new abilities.
    • This trait came from my dad, who was a werewolf when he was still alive. He visits me sometimes as a spirit.
    • The animal I turn into is a wolf.
    • My abilities come and go, as I can only use them when my Wolf Aura is with me. It's sorta like how Sonic had werehog abilities in Sonic Unleashed, but they never really mentioned it in the games after that.
    • I am fully aware that "WereSeedrian" isn't grammatically correct...But who gives a crap?
  • My Japanese VA is Mayumi Tanaka and my English VA is Veronica Taylor.
    • Veronica Taylor used to voice my favorite Pokemon character, Ash Ketchum, back when it was dubbed by 4Kids.
    • Mayumi Tanaka voiced my favorite Dragon Ball character, Krillin.
  • My birthday is August 29.
    • Also, I was born during Pokemon Generation 1, so I'm awfully nostalgic about it.
  • I am quite happy that Game World is now part of Toon City. In fact, I've been hanging aound in Anime Downtown, and I've made great friends with some of the anime characters. (Especially Chocolove!...Don't judge me.)
  • Proud Brony, no doubt about it.
  • I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a Rock Lee fangirl. HE'S SO CUTE!!! Especially as a chibi!
  • My favorite Shaman King character is Chocolove. He's too cute (insert fangirl squeel here), a lot of my favorite characters are the comic relief type, I actually find him funny (surprising, I know), and...GAH! I dunno, I just LOVE HIM!!!
  • I wear the metaphorical pants in...well, life (I'm single, so I can't say "in this relationship", 'cuz I'm not in one).
  • I probably have Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Despite being voiced by the same person as Luffy (in Japanese, that is), I'm actually an Usopp fan. I mean, Usopp's cute, right?
  • I'm a feminist; I appreciate women being strong and independent, as well as women being treated as equals to men.
  • I've got an account on DeviantArt.

Fan Characters

  • Erica Sakura-Me! (My persona and main protagonist.)
  • Punk the Pikachu-My best friend! (Former main protagonist.)
  • Aqua the Guinea Pig-My friend who's ALWAYS miffed about something. (Former main protagonist and first character created.)
  • Veil Indigo-My other best friend who is a (formerly mutated) Seedrian. She can transform into a mutant at will. (Formerly part of a fangame called Heroes Among Monsters before it was scrapped.)
  • Eric Hasu-A guy who lives down the hall from me. He's so cute!
  • Maroon Kokoro-A rich girl who's actually really nice.
  • Sara the Tanuki-A savvy tanuki; member of the Reckless Super Sleuths. (Parody of Sam from Sam and Max.)
  • Maxine the Hybrid-A crazy, cute sheep/rabbit hybrid; member of the Reckless Super Sleuths. (Parody of Max from Sam and Max.)
  • Pixel the Horse-The owner and manager of my favorite game shop, 1-Up Central.
  • Palette the Pig-The only other employee at 1-Up Central.
  • Allison the Cheshire Cat-A crazy Cheshire cat; she's such a prankster!
  • Spark the Jellyfish-A jellyfish with electric powers.
  • Ichigo the Ladybug-A male ladybug who HATES being mistaken for a girl.
  • Ursa the Doll-A plush toy brought to life through SCIENCE!
  • Tesla Anima-A cool, somewhat nervous scientist.
  • Project: Pandora-A girl who was torn between good and evil. She has been contained until Tesla finishes with her research on creating the perfect hero. (My first villain.)
  • Dr. Janice Scavenger-A woman who turns people and creatures into robo-mutants. (My first recurring villain.)