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XxROTSA2xX is a huge Sonic fan and has been since 2016, when he found out about Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, which as his name might imply, he loves. However, his opinions on the franchise have drastically changed since he first started being a fan. Initially, his favourite character was Knuckles, but as he kept playing Sonic games, his favourite character became Tails, as his profile picture may imply. His favourite Sonic game has changed as he has progressed through the series, but currently (and most likely forever due to the state of the Sonic franchise), his favourite is Sonic Adventure 2. Throughout 2020 and 2021, he actively made posts on Sonic News Network and made pages about custom fan games on Sonic Fanon Wiki, but in September 2021, he retired from Sonic News Network, and is now only active on Sonic Fanon Wiki. He is a huge fan of the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Archie Comics, a SonAmy (Sonic x Amy) and Tailicole (Tails x Nicole) shipper, a #releasethenakamuracut and #Rally4Sally supporter, and most importantly, a true Sonic diehard. XxROTSA2xX is also a YouTuber. He has invented many fan games on Sonic Fanon Wiki, including Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic Pursuit.

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First Post: Which one of my fan games is your favourite? (November 1, 2020)

Latest Post: What do you think of the Prime Universe continuity? (October 14, 2021)