I Don't Own This Pic! Just like the pairing of Taiream & thought this was cute!

i like chao & they represent most of my early fancharacters! i'm fan of many series such as Yugioh, DBZ, Pokemon, Kirby, Sonic, Attack on Titan, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Digimon, Yuyu Hakusho, Doctor Who, StarTrek, StarWars, & several more! When it comes to music i enjoy vocaloid & the music from certain games & anime. Also i really like cute & lovable stuff!

Often i get depressed & feel like i will never be good enough & shouldn't exist. Users here have treated me badly before & i try to be nice, although i won't accept bullying.



Sapphire Water Timeline: Yume Paradisia, Ayami Yukimora, William Paradisia, Mizuka Yukimora, Mikage, Airika Yukimora, Nekutai, Ramiel the Bird Angel, Zuriel the Dragon Angel, Mercury the Mermaid Angel, Dream Mask, Kana, & the ancestors.

Kitsune Ancestors: Inari Kamiya, Yukimi Kamiya, Mizumi, Hikari Nakamura, Naruto Kamiya, & more.

Chao: Happy, Eggy, Luna, Spike, Sunny, Ninji, Kitty, Sakura, Star, Silver, Shadis, Amy, & Seeme

Julia's Continuity: Aomaru & Kuromi Meganeko

New Chao Forms

Ascended Chaos forms are notable for retaining chaos arms while mostly taking the appearance of the normal forms that chao take after emerging from the blue cocoon.

List of Chao Adventures Chapters

Welcome to Chao World, Evolution, Copy Fight, The Ultimate Chao Are Born, Legendary Chaos Garden, The New Enemy, The Chaos Temple, Ascending Chaos, Return to Hack Garden (Most chapters aren't listed)

Kitsune Forms

Temporary 3 Tailed Form: Coming Soon!

Temporary 6 Tailed Form: Coming Soon!

Temporary 8 Tailed Form: Coming Soon!

Temporary Kyubi Form: This form is probably the riskiest form for Kitsune, as it kills single tailed users, & always leaves Kitsune with 2 permanent tails comatose. 4 Tailed users will find themselves completely drained & often pass out as a result of using this form. This form heavily drains Kitsune with 6 Tails, although 8 Tailed Kitsune seem uneffected by the process. Generally the temporary form has power enough to fight evenly with superforms.

8 Tailed Beast Form: Coming Soon!

Beast Kyubi Form: Coming Soon!

Ultimate Kyubi Form: A form only usable by permanent Kyubi. This form is achieved by gaining full control of the Beast Kyubi Form. Few have been able to reach this form, while in it the user has power surpassing that of most Super Forms. There are limits to the usage of this form though.

Julia's Light Mobius Continuity

Ok we have the Genesis Wave change the dates of which most events occur so that they happen sooner than the altered timeline. King Shadow is overthrown by Sonic during the 8th year of his reign. Sonic rules for the next 6 years then abandons his family because he can't take the responsibilities of being both Father & King. We have Manik ruling as a tyrant starting in roughly Mobius 26years Later.

Mobius 30 Years Later sees Sonic's return to confront his son Manik.

Sonic leaves his daughter Sonia as Queen while he goes off to avenge his son & prevent Zortarius from starting Mobius World War.

Cancelled Main Series Fanon

Long After E-204's Death, The Metallix come into power, conquering Earth, & forcing those who resist their enslavement to escape underground. The greedy expansion of the Metallix results in some of them invading the past & creating an alternate timeline. The Underground Forces were able to gain victories in reclaiming their world with the Metallix forces spread in their conquests throughout space & time.


Sonic Alternate Adventure: Classic Sonic's Timeline when it reaches Dreamcast Era. Chaos would escape from the Master Emerald, would encounter Cream & find himself unable to steal her Chaos Emerald. Eggman would find Chaos & reawaken his rage then experiment ways to control the creature.

  • Emerald Coast:Sonic, Big, Cream, Rouge, Gamma
  • Windy Valley: Sonic, Tails, Cream, Gamma
  • Casinopolis:Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
  • Ice Cap:Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Big
  • Twinkle Park: Sonic, Amy, Big, Cream
  • Speed Highway: Sonic, Tails, Rouge,
  • Red Mountain: Sonic, Knuckles, Gamma
  • Sky Deck: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream
  • Lost World: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
  • Final Egg: Sonic, Amy, Rouge, Gamma
  • Hot Shelter: Amy, Big, Rouge, Gamma
  • Sand Hill: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge
  • Mushroom Forest:

Sonic's Story:

Tails Story:

Knuckles Story:Rouge tries to steal the Master Emerald, Knuckles stops her & reveals how important the Master Emerald is, however Eggman then appears & takes it. Rouge & Knuckles agree to work together to stop Eggman from getting away with it only for the evil genius to shatter it to free Chaos. Knuckles & Rouge fighting the Egg Hornet results in Eggman losing the creature he sought to control. Knuckles then goes to search for Emerald Shards after Angel Island starts falling.

Amy's story is mostly the same as it was in the main timeline. Cream's Story starts off with Cream asking her mother for permission to go play in Windy Valley where she ends up finding a Chaos Emerald.

Rouge's Story:Starts the same as Knuckles Story with the boss fight against Egg Hornet. She then considers searching for the shards for herself, however receives a call that something crash landed in Station Square that she needs to investigate. She meets her partner Topaz & enters Speed Highway to collect shards. She then takes a train to the Mystic Ruins. Rouge enters her 2nd Stage:Sand Hill, After getting her hands on 6 shards she receives a mission to spy on Eggman & enters her 3rd Stage, Final Egg. She gathers information on Eggman's E-100 Series robots however loses half of her shards in her escape when attacked by E-100 Zero. Rouge then goes to Station Square to deliver the data she collected to Topaz. She then enters her 4th stage Emerald Coast to follow E-102 Gamma as part of her mission to infiltrate the Egg Carrier. Onboard the Egg Carrier Rouge enters her 5th Stage:Hot Shelter. She then encounters Chaos, which enraged by Eggman's experiments to control him attacks her. Rouge then

DLC: Big Story, Final Egg:Tails & Knuckles, Twinkle Park: Tails, Knuckles & Rouge, Windy Valley: Knuckles & Rouge, Red Mountain: Tails, Cream, Rouge, Emerald Coast: Tails & Amy

Sonic Alternate Adventure 2: Eggman is determined to get Chaos back & decides that it's time he got Shadow to join him in the hopes that it will prevent Sonic from stopping his plans. Last Story: Shadow betrays Eggman & takes the Chaos Emeralds to the Space Colony Ark so that he can activate Gerald's Colony Crash program to avenge Maria. Eggman reveals to Sonic & his friends that Shadow has to be stopped before he can destroy Earth & they go to the Space Colony Ark to stop Shadow. Sonic defeats the Biolizard then tries to talk Shadow out of his revenge, they then both go Super & start fighting eachother in space.

Sonic Alternate Adventure 3: More info Coming Soon!

Sonic Ultimate Classic Collection: Released for an anniversary contains several games: Sonic 1 (2013 Tails & Knuckles added with Superform),2 (2013 version),3K, Blue Sphere, Amy in Sonic2, Amy in Sonic3K, CD with Tails & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic the Fighters (with Honey, Mighty, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Rocket Metal, & Egg Fighter unlockable), Sonic R, as well as other surprises. Amy uses her Classic Design & can be followed by Tails, Cheats still exist in the games as well.

Knuckles Mega Collection: Knuckles Rush, Knuckles Rush Adventure, SegaKnuckles, Knuckles Spinball, Knuckles 3D Blast, Knuckles Labyrinth, & More Knuckles games.

Science Fiction Storybook Game: Just an idea I had, the story would involve Tails dragging Sonic to a convention. Sonic would decide to run off & take a break from all the Science Fiction stuff. Just then Sonic would notice a space princess being chased by futuristic looking robots. Sonic would then try to save her, only for them to get beamed up together. They would find themselves on the bridge of an alien spacecraft being attacked by another much larger vessel. Sonic would still think that this was part of the convention.

Sonic Adventure Extended: Completing Story mode allows access to new stages without glitches. Tails gets Lost World, Final Egg, & Twinkle Park. Knuckles gets & can complete Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, & Final Egg. Amy gets Sonic's Casinopolis & Speed Highway, as well as alternate costumes. E-102 gets alternate costumes of Delta, Epsilon, & Zeta. Tikal has an unlockable story mode & plays much like she does in SA2B. Her stages are Casinopolis, Emerald Coast, Hot Shelter, Lost World, & Sky Deck. There are also new courses for Twinkle Circuit. A new 2P mode also exists, for Twinkle Circuit, Snowboarding & Sand Hill.

Knuckles & E-102 can transform the Egg Carrier now. After Completing a Story you can resume it from different points. Sonic: The Beginning, Saving Tails, Being put to sleep, Just Before the Clash with Knuckles, Just After Sky Chase, Amy Kidnapped, Arrival on the Egg Carrier, Sonic vs Gamma, & Mural of Chaos. Tails: Beginning, Meeting Chaos, Being put to sleep, Before Fighting Knuckles, Just After Sky Chase, The Past, Arrival on the Egg Carrier, The Missile, & Conclusion.

Knuckles Chapters: Beginning, The Past, Just before fighting Sonic, Return to the Past, The Last Master Emerald Shards, Tikal's Grief, & Final Fight with Chaos. Amy's Chapters: Beginning, Twinkle Park, Kidnapped, You're Letting Me Go?, The Past, Final Egg, Return to the Egg Carrier, Conclusion. E-102's Chapters: Activation, E-series 1st Mission, Location Unknown, Give Me The Bird, Master Deleted, Return to the Egg Carrier, & Terminate Beta.

Sonic Adventure 2 Ultra Battle: Contains the new stage Grind Showdown for Shadow (it's Grind Race made longer & more complicated), Green Hill Zone's unlocked Earlier by completing all of Sonic's Missions, Battle Mode has far more characters & costumes, as well as new modes. More stages were added to 2P Battle: Level 1: Green Hill, Level 4:Pyramid Cave, Level 5:Cannon's Core & Final Chase (full) for Action Race. Treasure Hunting adds Level 1: Temple Quest (Dry Lagoon's Small Oasis), Level 4:???, Level 5: Cannon's Core (Knuckles) & Aquatic Ruins. Shooting adds Level 4: Cannon's Core.

You start with the 4 characters from SA2B for each game mode, however you can unlock alternate costumes & new characters. The following alternate costumes are unlocked by collecting 60 Emblems: Amy Classic, PSO Sonic, PSO Shadow, Metal Sonic Nega, Schoolgirl Tikal, PSO Knuckles, Agent Rouge, & other costumes that don't change the gameplay. By collecting 120 Emblems Amy Sonic X intro, Race Sonic, Race Shadow, Shadow Android(purple), Cream, Knuckles Armor, Rouge Racer, Hero Chao Walker, Red Cyclone, Camo Egg Walker, & Big are unlocked. Getting 180 Emblems unlocks Tuxedo Sonic, School Amy, Shadow Android (Yellow), Shadow Android (blue), Blue Knuckles. Getting All Emblems unlocks Super Sonic & Super Shadow for 2P Race, Super Knuckles for Treasure Hunting.

Complete All Missions for a character to unlock an extra stage & new kart, complete all A Ranks on Cannon's Core & all unlockable stages to gain the ability to play most stages with alternate costumes. You can get the Halloween Screen Theme by playing in October. Shadow has a stage unlocked by completing all missions for Cannon's Core, then Sonic has a waterlevel unlocked by completing most of the game's missions, complete all of its missions to unlock Shadow's Secret 7th Stage.

Tails Unlockable stage seems like Cosmic Wall with elements from Lost Colony thrown in. Knuckles Unlockable Stage is EggQuarters with Crazy Gadget's skin mixed with part of Cannon's Core. Rouge's Unlockable Stage (Aquatic Ruins) is Death Chamber with plenty of Turtles & 2 waterlevel switches in a flooded Small Oasis Room. Dig Walls can only be accessed with lowered waterlevel, while the lower half of the level can only be accessed when everything is flooded. Rouge has her Air Necklace somewhere in this stage that can only be accessed in low tide. The Stage unlocked from Cannon's Core's Missions has Shadow play through a stage that seems to fuse Final Rush & Final Chase.

Possible Download Content would include allowing Treasure Hunters to play 2P Action Race stages as well as Mission Street & Weapons Bed in something called Strange Race. A mode called Indirect Race where Players race on different stages altogether, & a mode for upto 4 players called Boss Race. New Character Battle Mode for non shooters. Downloadable new Multiplayer stages: Level Ex Action Race includes White Jungle (full), Grind Showdown, as well as several others released in sets. There are downloadable bonus Chao Gardens that can be changed through the Options Menu.

The new Chao Gardens are located 1)By a Branching Path taken from the stairs to Dark Garden to the Negative Ceiling, 2)Behind the stairs to Hero Garden. The former seems to resemble a room on the Space Colony Ark & has no music, while the latter is harder to explain. These 2 gardens are unlocked by collecting all emblems or by means of downloading bonus Gardens which they transform into.

Sapphire Water Adventures: Playable characters include Yume: she can run, teleport, & can't be damaged by enemies, however she has an energy meter & when empty she passes out from exhaustion which acts as though she had lost a life. Yume's Boosting Attack costs 10 Energy per second, things that would injure other characters cause her to lose 10 Energy, Teleporting causes her to lose 40 Energy & serves as an extra jump that boosts her height by 2.5x that of her jumps. Yume loses 1 Energy per second & has a few ways to recover her stamina, she starts with 200 energy. Yume's level up items are Lunar Ring (prevents her from losing energy each second), Mystic Melody, Dash Glasses (allows Light Dash & halves the cost of Boosting), Divine Light, & lastly Power Gloves.

Cerah & Ramiel are playable as well. The game's story covers events prior to the Afterlife Arc.

Sapphire Water Adventures 2: Playable characters: Ramiel, Cerah, Mia Brilliare, Akimika, Aeriel, & Mercury. The Game's story is the Yume Retrieval Afterlife Arc. This game was released before its predecessor. Mercury's Story isn't nearly as long as the other 2 are with only 3 stages for her to play through not counting Bosses.

Sapphire Water Adventures 3: Playable characters include Yume, Cerah, Ramiel, Aeriel, Mercury, Akimika, as well as others. The story leads up to & features the entirety of the Underworld Arc, with extra stages taking the story beyond it.

Shadow the Hedgehog Sequel: Black Doom survived the destruction of the Black Comet barely, & has been regenerating himself. When a new potential Black Comet reaches him, Black Doom conquers it & uses the New Black Comet to create an entity capable of combating Shadow. (Main Reason we won't see it any time soon, is because it would probably take place a few years after the 1st Game)

The game would deal with the world turning on Shadow as a result of being mistaken for this new hedgehog. Shadow's 1st stage Eastopolis would be a straight forward night time city street level where he resists arrest & after getting past roadblocks set up by GUN Soldiers he ends up meeting his impersonator. Shadow then teams up with Sonic to chase the mysterious hedgehog, however at the end of the stage it becomes clear that they lost him. As the game progresses more choices become available for Shadow.

The stage Forgotten Temple has Tikal take Shadow to the past. Completing the Dark Mission (destroy the 5 pillars protecting the Temple) is the only way to enter Burning Sanctuary. The other missions end with Tikal showing Shadow murals, 1 depicting an entire city on fire & Black Doom above it, then after explaining it she returns him to the present. Burning Sanctuary's Dark Mission continues on to have Shadow slaughter until he reaches the end of the stage, destroying several walls in his path to the goal ring. Shadow then fights both Tikal & Chaos. The Dark Path ultimately leads to Omega & Silver as bosses.

The Darkest Final Stage, Silenced City is notable for essentially being a crumbling city that's on fire with GUN Mechs & Black Titans in it. Completing the stage results in Silver being fought as the Final Boss.

The Neutral Final Stage, Ark Terminal, has Eggman as its Final Boss upon completing the Hero Mission with Tails.The Hero Path Final stage, Black Cathedral, has Shadow face Black Doom as his final boss for completing the Hero Mission, or Omega by completing the Dark Mission. The Pure Hero Final Stage has Shadow & Sonic team up to take down vital organs of the new comet to prevent Black Doom from regenerating for the Hero Mission.


Awesome Quotes

  • "Darkness is A Mirror that throws your own fears back at you!" -Yugi
  • "Life is a game & if you can't win, don't play" -Seto Kaiba
  • "if the world becomes my enemy i will keep fighting like i always have" -Shadow
  • "The Power i thought was absolute, was crushed like it was nothing" -Haseo
  • "Let's Just Hope that when you've come to your senses, there will still be a world left for us to save"-Piccolo
  • "i didn't choose to fight you because i could see myself winning, i fight because i have to win!" -ichigo


  • My Favorite Royal Knight is Magnamon
  • My Favorite Ice Cream flavor is Cookies & Cream
  • My Favorite Colors are Pink & Cyan (Blue basically)
  • My Favorite Yugioh Ship is probably Anzugi (Anzu/Tea with Yugi)
  • My favorite Pokemon Ship is RedxErika in Pokemon Special Adventures
  • Armin is my favorite character in Attack on Titan
  • The 1st Game i ever bought was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle!
  • E-204 was the 1st Fan-char i ever submitted here
  • My Favorite Chao in my Fanfics is Luna
  • My Favorite Episode of FMA is the Final Episode: Laws & Promises
  • Alphonse Elric & Roy Mustang were my Fav characters in FMA
  • Tails is My Favorite Sonic Series Character, i like how he proved himself in Adventure
  • SonAmy is my Favorite Sonic Ship!! Cute couple! Pink & Blue Forever!!
  • TaiReam is the 2nd of my 3 Favorite Sonic Ships!! JUST SO CUTE!!
  • Silvaze is the last of my Top 3 Sonic Pairings! They go together so well!
  • Also i like Shadouge, although not nearly as much as my favorites

Cancelled Projects

Well i'm currently designing my own version for Sonic 4, along with Sonic 5 & 6. None of these games will ever be playable though & i'm also editing my Chao Adventures series. Knuckles is only playable in Sonic 4 if you have Sonic 5 complete, & Amy can replace Tails in following Sonic around in Sonic 5 & 6. Sonic the Fighters takes place during Sonic 6 & expands to having CD related plotline for its end.

Sonic 4

Following the Loss of his Death Egg, Eggman decides to attempt to alter the past by creating a New Sonic Robot with Sonic's DNA that he would send to Little Planet to pave the way for his conquest by means of time itself. To create this Robot, Eggman would kidnap Amy, so that Sonic would enter Metal Sonic's creation chamber. After activating Metal Sonic, Robotnik goes to the Little Planet himself to collect the timestones to reverse the defeat of his Death Egg only to learn Metal Sonic had been defeated. He repairs Metal Sonic to recover the Timestones so that he can take them to the underwater DeathEgg & restore it, while this happens Robotnik decides to hire an assassin named Fang to eliminate Sonic & supplies him with mechs. When this fails & Sonic goes after Robotnik, Metal Sonic requests that he take on the Hedgehog himself. Playable characters include Sonic & Tails for Part 1, however Amy is also available for those who have Part 2. Mighty is playable for those who have Sonic 5, Honey is playable for those who have Sonic 6.

Part 1: Splash Hill Zone, Casino Street Zone, Crystal Cavern Zone, Gear Factory Zone, Aquatic Fortress Zone, Oil Refinery Zone, Sky Fortress Zone (Playable characters Sonic & Tails)

Part 2: Frozen Hill Zone, Coastal Cliffs Zone, White Park Zone, Hidden Palace Zone, Launch Base Zone, Death Egg Zone, & (if all emeralds collected) Doomsday Zone (The Game Ends with the Battle Bird Armada starting their invasion & Playable Characters include Sonic, Tails, Amy, & Mighty)

Sonic 5

The Battle Bird Armada sets its sights on the Master Emerald & the Chaos Emeralds, however Robotnik uses this to his advantage & begins work on his 2nd Death Egg while Sonic & his friends are fighting someone other than him for a change. Part 1 lets you play as Sonic, Tails, & Amy. Part 2 lets you play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Mighty. Amy can be played in Parts 2&3 by having Part1, Mighty can be played in Part 1 with Part2 detected, & Honey can be played by having Sonic 6.

Part 1: Sunset Hill Zone, Seaside Ruins Zone, White Woods Zone, Twilight Castle Zone, Black Lake Zone, Fallen Utopia Zone (Playable Characters Sonic, Tails, & Amy)

Part 2: Mushroom Woods Zone, Emerald Ruins Zone, Tidal Temple Zone, Volcanic Tunnel Zone, SeaFloor Fortress Zone, Submerged Paradise Zone, Battle Fortress Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, & Knuckles)

Part 3: Red Mountain Zone, Sky Sanctuary Zone, Aerial Battle Fortress Zone, Topaz Temple Zone, Launch Base Zone, & (if all Chaos Emeralds are collected) Dark Space Zone. (The Game Ends with the 2nd Death Egg's Successful Launch)

Sonic 6

The Death Egg 2 Saga, Playable Characters Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Honey, & Mighty.

Part 1: Resort Island Zone, Windy Valley Zone, Pyramid Desert Zone, Chemical Factory Zone, Rocket Zone, Egg Satelite Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, & Knuckles)

Part 2: Scrap Hill Zone, Diamond Dust Zone, River Rapids Zone, Casino City Zone, Dynamite Factory Zone, Sky Chase Zone, Death Egg Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, & Knuckles)

Sonic Adventure Zero: Essentially Sonic X Season 1 without Chris, Metal Sonic being used to make the people of Station Square see Sonic as a villain. Last story has Eggman trying to attack Station Square for refusing to acknowledge his genius with an extremely powerful mech that Sonic fights & is no match against until Tails manages to give Sonic the Chaos Emeralds & become Super Sonic.

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