aka Lucifer

  • I live in Purgatory
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Non-binary
FM - Vagevuur - Uncanny-Illustrator - 1
Hello hello and welcome to my little corner~ My name is Lucifer, though you can also call me Yuu or Vage. I'm an artist/writer from the deep dark pits of Hell, and am not exactly famous for my pleasant personality and consideration of others.

Working on that though.

I have a lot of characters and a lot of worlds, primarily because I don't know how to stop. Only 3 of these are rooted in the Sonic Franchise though, each on a different level.

  • Chaotic 'verse - Formally known as Chaos 'verse, it is my paracosm, which I have developed continuously since I was 9. It started out as a set of (unwritten) Sonic fanfics, and though it has developed into its own, stand-alone, original verse, I go back to the Sonic roots with it's "Chaotic" variation.
  • Mystic Forest Zone - Set primarily on a mysterious planet known here and there as Myrkviðr, although it heads to space occasionally, this verse started out as a dumping ground for my Inkdrian, Arboldrian and Seadrian, but has since become a project as dear to me as Chaos 'verse. As well as as confusing in it's in-verse history.
  • A Next Gen I Guess - Centered around a Tailsmo fankid I recently dug up from my stash of old characters, this verse takes place in the Sonic world proper, and focuses on the children of our beloved heroes. The roots for this verse took hold in my brain after my best friend gifted me all her old Sonic characters (as she's not part of the fandom anymore), and I was left wondering how I was going to combine my singular Tailsmo kid with her pantheon of Tailream kids. This was the only ship we ever disagreed on and it was finally coming to bite me in the ass.

Anyways, thank you all for reading that, and I hope you enjoy my silly kids~

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