aka UCD

  • I live in The Internet.
  • My occupation is Daydreamer
  • I am a fantard.

Status: Online/Idle/Offline

Mood: Neutral


I'm gonna be so bored here. Why the heck did I come back?
Was I really a Len fangirl back then? Bleh!


Listening to Kagamine Rin/Len songs
Watching Smosh

Hey. I'm UnCrushedDreams, but you can call me UCD, or whatever you'd like. I've left this wiki many times now, making saying "I'm leaving". But did I really ever stay gone? Nope~! It was silly of me to think I would stay gone. If I ever want to leave, I'm not gonna say anything. I'll just leave and not say a word.

I suck at making friends, online and offline. I'm too shy, and I'm serious, I wouldn't have any of the friends I have today if they didn't speak to me first. So if you want to be friends with me, (which I have no idea why you would) talk to me first and keep the conversation going, and I'll slowly warm up to you.

I've sort of lost interest in Sonic. It used to be my obsession favorite set of characters and games, but I'm trying to get back into it. My main obsession is Vocaloid now, lol.

Uh, yeah. all you need to know about me, I guess. I do have dA, but I rather not give that away to those who don't already know. You can try to find it, I guess (who would want to find me?)


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