aka Yacine

  • I live in Cambridge, UK
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is uni, fam.
  • I am Male

Hey, My name is Tyflo and I really cant be asked to write much for this, but here we go anyway.

I'm 16, from the UK and I spend most of my time playing video games and hanging out with friends from college, if I'm online I'll be in chat, I'm up for talkplays and general memes.

In terms of things I like, I'm into most video games, I enjoy reading and writing and while I'm not a huge fan of sports I do enjoy Professional Wrestling (Both Mainstream and Indy varieties), I'm also into programming (I do VB and C#, I'm learning Java and C++) and computers in general.

I have a few characters left over from my original time on this site before I went on hiatus but because most are bad and should feel bad, the only two I'm gonna link are the ones I made when I returned, you can find their pages here:

Aspen Kay

Valerius Bates

I'm always up for feedback on him, so feel free to do that.

I have a few friends on this site, though most of the ones I did have left for other things, so I hope if we get to speak we can become friends.

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