Twilight the Wolf

Twilight's not fat. It's just a bit hard to draw in paint.

Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day

Hi! I am Twilight the wolf, okay not really, call me Lucie the Cat! That's gonna be fixed soon. and by the way, what's a roleplay? I wanna create one. Be sure to check out Twilight's page right............Ah, here it is! I like Phineas and Ferb, put the name of thier theme song on top of your page or your signatre if you like Phineas and Ferb too!

Here is a link to a wiki a brought back to life:

Please don't use the edit thing. Just press save, then mind your own buisness.

My favorite pages

Look at this!

Young Prism A cute picture of Prism the Fox.

Hey, if you are schoolbus13, maybe I'll get a picture for you to make a profile for Prism. Here's somethings that should be included:

Name:Prism "Colours" Rain

Age: 12 (From the future)

Family: Alvilda the Cat (Mom) Shadow the Hedgehog (Dad) Mik the Hedgehog (Bro) Ally the Cat (Sis)

Favorite food: Two colored gummy worms and Lucky Charms

Maybe you could add Attrire. You can check the page for her personality.

Sprite from me.

Cream running
I made this. I don't have flash so I used a cool website.

My New Gallery

I made this cool gallery. I got the pictures from here: Team Artail Sonic X screenshots

I edited one, it looked like Sonic was pushing Amy away instead of pulling her toward him. YES I KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING ON THE TOP OF THE IMAGE I COULDN"T SEE IT WHEN I WAS ERASING!

Sonamy Gallery

Sonamy Gallery

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