• I live in Not willing to reveal.
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is Master of Dizgizzes.
  • I am A Guy

I assume you're curious enough to visit my profile = =

100 edits, btw ~2014/8/16


Hmmmm............., should I??

Alright, fine.

Here's some ramdom information 'bout me: 

  • Well....I draw sometimes, not good at it though.
  • I'm actually pretty shy.
  • Slightly British accent.
  • No, I'm not British.
  • Nor am I American.
  • Likes music (who hates it?). I like any music as long as it isn't A) terrible, B) Rap (sorry guys). Really into epic music though, so feel free to reccommend.
  • I can play the ocarina (not inspired by Zelda, never played that game).
  • Though I don't think myself as a gamer, I guess I do play games (not video games, I don't own any consoles, but I can still go around to my friend's house and play.)
  • Those include TF2, Maplestory, and I enjoyed Sengoku Basara 3 宴 on Wii (at my friend's house, of course.
  • Never joined any wikis and never did any roleplaying before, but really, I'm eager to try it out.
  • I really enjoy reading (fiction). Genres are: Fantasy, Adventure and Action(?)
  • Those include Skulduggery Pleasant, Warriors(cats), Redwall.
  • Oh, and I like Sonic (don't faint with amazement) *faints.
  • I also like fiddling with Rubiks cube.


Online or Offline

Listening to: Up All Night - Owl City (fave song right now)

Playing: TF2

Reading: Redwall-Mossflower

Eating: nothing

Mood: Happyy

To do list

  • Finish Sharps' backstory
  • Start Reginald's backstory
  • Drawing Reginald
  • Start making Star's page
  • and Lance's
  • Start adding more stuff to Sanford Island's page
  • Basically think of more ideas
  • Join a roleplay as soon as I have enough characters
  • Think of a possible short fanfic (?)

My pages

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