True Lycalo

aka Twilight or Twi

  • I live in U.S.A
  • I was born on June 17
  • I am Male
Hey everybody, I am True Lycalo. You may refer to me as Twilight for short
'Tis I

'Tis I

or simply Twi for shorter. Well, I'm a huge fan of Sonic the hedgehog and I have been as far back as can remember. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and concepts for characters and further developing them in a nice constructive RP. I'm a decent fanfic writer and I'm even working on a 3 part story series that ties all 5 of my very different characters into one epic(ish) story. I'm on alot of the time (seeing as how I don't have school or a job yet for that matter) so if there's anything I can help anybody with, let me know and I'll most likely get back to you quickly


I am: Mostly offline, but silently lurking
1,000 edits!

1,000 edits! :D

Mood: Can't complain

Thoughts: Wow! It's been far too long since I've extensively shown my face around here. Work and raising a child have proven to be more time and energy consuming than I anticipated. But my hours are getting cut, so hopefully I'll stop by much more frequently.

My characters

Terrador Bellator

Twilight the Lycalo (fursona)

Graviton the hedgehog

Fotiagos Imperium

Tharros the Griffin


CrymsonShokwave - My first friend here (I think). A very talented artist and RPer who has some awesome characters. Just like everyone on this list, we don't talk much (I'm mainly at fault for this) but I know she's an awesome friend to have.

Frost the Wolf- I'm always on the lookout for Frost as he's not on frequently. He's a pretty cool guy and loads of fun to RP with. I'll never forget the dream I had when my Terrador battled his Zorovar. I've recently discovered we share simliar interest in the Metel Gear Solid series, which is infinitley awesome.

SPop120 - The one I talk with most and my closest friend here. She always has interesting ideas for characters and RPs and I'm always intrigued by them.

Monk the Cat - A person who I always have fun RPing with. His characters never cease to surprise me and I it's always a pleasure to have mine interact with his.

Kiramazing - Her strange sense of humor cracks me up all the time. Her characters are pretty cool and she's always fun to have around.

HS664 - A rather strange individual who I've always been curious about. Through various RPs, I've gotten to know him a little and he's a pretty cool guy and I always look forward to see what crazy ideas he comes up with.

DestinyHeart - At first just the friend of a friend, she's become a friend of my own. One of the many talented artists amongst my friend, I always enjoy RPing with her. Apparantly, I make her laugh; I never knew I had such power before.

(Due to laziness, I'll add anything I forgot later.)


Out of curiosity, which of my characters is best? As in having sensibility, originality and well balance.

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